Saturday, January 16, 2010

More on Marcia, Grace, etc.

My Love for Marcia Decoster's Beaded Opulence designs still runs true. Here is her Whitby earring design. I didn't add the baroque teardrop crystal to the bottom as she did though. It made the earring much too long for me. My mom bought me a fabulous snake skin print shirt for Christmas in shades of black and gray. These earrings are a perfect match!

After receiving my surprise gift from Grace, I just had to clear off the bead table and get to work on my next Good Woman doll.

I had a face on stash from Linsart, but no body. Bummer. Looks like its time to get out the dreaded Singer Sew Quick. I haven't had very good luck with it (sewing machines and I have never gotten along no matter how simple or elaborate). But after a few attempts, I was able to produce a somewhat OK shape.

She's coming along quite nicely. But, once again, the design I had in my head is not at all what is taking shape. Just beading from the heart (and not the head) again! Can't beat that. IN case you didn't watch my previous post, my gift from Grace was the raku bead button you see. It was made by Lisa Peters and is really really nice.

Now that my oldest is 19 (ouch, how can that be?), she has adopted her first dog.

Meet Diesel, the newest member of our family. A 12 week old SPCA special mix of who knows what. He was brought into the shelter as a wee baby and just put out for adoption the day Claire happened to go. Fate.

He's very good and has already learned his 'sit' 'stay' 'come' manners. Such a smartie!

I'm off to go check up on everyone's posts--happy beading!


*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi lynn
both your daughter and new guy are beautiful :D
ahhh i love puppy breath!
aren't lisas buttons amazing!
your woman doll is coming along nicely
many thanks for sharing
enjoy your day

Carol said...

OMGosh, that puppy has a special look in his eyes! Does your daughter live with you? How is the cat taking the new addition!

Love the earrings. Great start to the doll. Are you in a doll group? Just wondering.

Lynn said...

Hi Girls!

Happily yes, Claire is still at home-so we get lots of Diesel loving! The kitten (rainy) thinks its great having a new plaything. Cloudy, on the other hand, not so much!

I'm not in a doll group - it's only the second one I've made so far, but I really enjoy the process.

Pursuing Art... said...
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Pursuing Art... said...

These earrings are lovely and I bet they go perfect with your new blouse. Me too, I can't wear earrings that are too long or too heavy.

Good for you making the doll looks great! I love that face and you are off to a great start.

Claire is just beautiful too! I know, where does the time go?! Diesel is SO cute! Love his face and would you look at the size of his paws!! How fun! XO ;-)

GraceBeading said...

Oh man Lynn... you are something else! Love the earrings and the doll is coming along quite nicely. Looks like you have a nice little form there too (better than OK I think).

Awww Diesel, soooo cute! I can hardly wait to get to your next post!