Saturday, April 23, 2011

April BJP 2011

AS IF I haven't already spent way too much of my days soul searching, contemplating the twists and turns my life has taken to lead me to where I am now.  And then I pull Arizona from my BJP coin jar.  The first thought that came to me was Missed Opportunity. 

When I was 19 I flew out to Phoenix to spend some time with my Aunt Patsy and Uncle Dave and my cousins.  What a blast we had.  Two of my cousins (Patrick just a few years younger than me and Joanne a few years older than me) and I took a trek up to the Grand Canyon and stopped at various places along the way.  Patrick is the brother that I never had and Joanne is just an awesome soul.    I won't bore you with the details, but that trip (including riding the mules down the Grand Canyon) was beyond spectacular.  If I should ever come in to money, the first thing I would do -- do that trip again with my cousins.   

Missed Opportunity?  Yeah.  Why in world did I not pack up my bags and start my life out there while I was young??!  Not only was a part of my family that I just adore out there, I loved those rocks, canyons, wide open skies.  Patrick lives in Flagstaff now and Joanne is out in California, my Aunt and Uncle have since  passed on.  I made my choice to return to New York.   And here I am.  But my heart is still with them out West. 

I had no plan in mind when I started.  And it felt so good to just bead.  No rhyme or reason to placement.  Just bead.  Sigh. 

April 2011 BJP

Luckily Patrick and Joanne have both made it back 'home' in the past few years.  They are just the most comfortable people to be around.  True Treasures.
Patrick and Me

Kathy, Joanne and Me
March BJP 2011

February BJP 2011

January BJP 2011
~ Bead Happy and Often ~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beading for a Cure Auctions

I keep forgetting to remind everyone to keep checking the Beading For a Cure Auction pieces that are available here

It's my favorite piece in the entire auction up for bids this week! 
Its that beyond fabulous purse by Tracy Vincent!!

I know I will NEVER be able to afford this - my only hope is that whoever wins this one treasures it forever.  I think it is simply spectacular!  (and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this purse rocks - Tracy won first place in the BFAC competition)
Go check out the other choices too - I've got my heart set on at least 4 pieces.  Maybe this will be my lucky week!
Bid Happy and Often!  teehee

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey Friends!

I have just been running around like a crazy woman (hmm, if the shoe fits.......) lately.  I haven't beaded, blogged or read blogs in what seems like forever!   And dusting?  Nope, haven't had time for that either as you can see by the note my daughter left me on the top of my bead cabinet.

A house becomes a home when you can write I Love You in the dust

But I have a bit of time this morning, so here's an update on what's been happening in my little world:

First off, my Spring piece has been officially set aside.  I know, I know, I HATE to do that!  I have way too many UFOs and I really really try to finish what I've started.  But everytime I tried to work on it, I just wasn't feeling the love and it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted.  I was all excited to make up this seed bead mix from 3 different greens I had in my stash:

And thought it would make great grass to surround the middle of the piece and it was all going along just fine and then my thread got all tangled up and I just got annoyed so made the decision to move on to something new. 

Since it's April (already!!), I chose my next State quarter for the Bead Journal Project.  Arizona.  I won't say too much about it now, because I'll wait til my 'official' post when its done, but here's the beads I've chosen to use:

And then I got my sweet little vintage lady cab from Beth and she is just begging to be put on a box lid.  Of course, I don't have a box yet, so she just looks at me and waits patiently for some attention.

I love her calm expression.  I look at her and just feel my tension release.

My Mom and Dad live on a golf course, and my Mom was out filling the bird feeders and saw some balls laying around on the course, so she collected them for me......

64 balls in about 20 minutes of collecting!  Too funny!  I've gotten to the indoor driving range a few times and am just waiting for the weather to break a bit more so I can get back out on the course.  Just thinking about it makes me relax.  I love to golf.  I'm not good at it, but love it all the same.

Lastly, I made the decision to get rid of my GMC Envoy.  With all the driving I've been doing, I just couldn't afford to keep filling the tank every 3 - 4 days at over $60 every fill up.  It was disgusting the amount of $$$ I poured into that tank.  

I learned to drive on a car with a standard transmission and always drove a stick shift until I had the girls and I really missed driving a standard.  So I knew my 'new' car would have to be a stick shift.  Well, apparently I'm part of a dying breed of drivers because there wasn't a whole lot of standard transmission cars to choose from (at least in my price range!).    

Although I'm not picky about what I drive, I never thought I'd be behind the wheel of a red - and I mean RED  - car.

But I am and I love it!!

Be a lifesaver - become an organ donor
 Well that's a wrap - gotta get in my sweet little ride and get myself to the eye doctor and then a special treat from my friend Joan:  I'm going for a mani-pedi.  Aaahhh, let the pampering begin......I sure could use it (just hope I don't fall asleep in the chair)!

Hope to get some time tonight to visit all of your blogs.  Am dying to see what everyone has been doing these past few weeks......I think of you all so much throughout my days.

~Bead Happy and Often~