Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wonder of All Wonders!

Just for the heck of it, I thought I would try getting on to blogger tonight.....really?  truly?  its here???!!!  I'm back on blogger!  I can check in with all my beading friends again??  Pinch me!  I must be dreaming.......

Speaking of Dreaming, I would walk by this cute little cape cod style house in my neighborhood and think to myself "I could so see myself living there."  And then one day a For Sale sign appeared on the lawn.  NO WAY!  I called my realtor immediately and next thing I knew the For Sale sign changed to a SOLD sign :)

I closed a month ago and am still in awe that this is my house.  MY house.  ME.  MINE.  In a way sad.  I never expected to be single, but my marriage had deteriorated beyond repair and it was time to start fresh.

Welcome my friends, let me show you around.  Since moving in, I've done a little gardening.  Luckily there were some established plants and shrubs, so I just added a few things.

 The Iris are spectacular !

My Entrance/Yoga Hall Before and After:

My Bead Studio Before:
YES I have a BEAD STUDIO now!
A whole room--not a chair and a tv table anymore, but a whole room!!

and After: 

Here's Rainy asleep in the upstairs hall.
I guess I'll end this post now, before I put everyone to sleep! 

Beading to come soon !  (I promise)