Thursday, January 14, 2010

For Grace . . . With Much Gratitude

The videos tell the story.

There are 2 because, well, you'll see......

Here's the bead button!

My camera must be tired after taking the video--the pictures aren't that great. It wouldn't focus. But I can guarantee there will be more posting about this treasure coming soon, as I am anxious to get working on my Good Woman doll in honor of you, Grace. Love Ya!

If you have a few more minutes, well ok....hours, to spend bead hunting, check out Lisa's artisan treasures. They Rock! I have to go stick to the housework plan.


GraceBeading said...

Oh my gosh Lynn... you are SO cute! I have to tell you the story behind that button. You see - I happen to LOVE Lisa Peters work, her cabs and buttons are amazing. I have an embarrassing amount of her wares. Not long ago, I won that button in one of her giveaways and felt like a glutton, thought it best I share in the wealth that is Lisa Peters Art. I was going over in my head... who's beadwork do I admire that doesn't know about Lisa? Your name was at the top of the list and therefore you had to be the recipient of this button.

I LOVE your videos, I'm touched by your enthusiasm. It truly made my day. I will anxiously await seeing what kind of beauty you create with that button. I know it will be a treasure.

I must go back to work now, but I sure feel a lot lighter in my heart, actually I'm positively giddy.

Have a great day!

Jacquie said...

Awwww...two nice ladies! Loved the very cute. I have just discovered Lisa Peters as well..funny how I found this posting ..I don't have any of her things 'cause I just found her, but do love everything she does. Nice post.

lisa peters ART said...

OK, that video was just as cute as a button..So lucky to know Grace and now I am so thrilled to see that button making someone else so happy! You both are amazing! Lynn, you seem like a very special person -- I know why Grace wanted u to have that piece!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I LOVE this post and the videos are so cute. Congrats to you and I look forward to seeing what you make with it.

Lynn said...

Oh God! You girls are so sweet. It was such a spur-of-the-moment thing. Had I given any thought to how I looked, what I was going to say, etc., the moment would have been lost. Grace, I'm glad it made you smile and I hope my cyber hug came through loud and clear!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh how fun, Lynn...I just
L-O-V-E-D your are SO cute and so sweet!!!

Love that's just gorgeous...her work is so lovely!

Was that not sweet of Grace...a good woman she is...a real sweetheart!!! I can't wait to see your Good Woman doll...I know it will be spectacular! XO ;-)