Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Distraction !

As IF I needed another distraction --look what I brought home from my hairdresser's:

I couldn't resist. Of course, not sure when or if my husband will actually speak to me again. But Renee (my hairdresser) rescued a box of 6 kittens she found abandoned, and how could I not take one home??!

He is soooo tiny. Fits in the palm of my hand. By the way he eats, I'm thinking that's not going to last much longer :) Still haven't come up with a name yet. Renee called him "Fly" because the poor thing had a fly bite on his neck with some sort of nasty larve -yuk - he's alright now; just a small spot on his shoulder. Hannah was calling him Caesar, Meg called him Miko, and Claire likes Rainy (our other cat, also gray, is called Cloudy). We better come up with something soon or the poor thing will have an identity crisis.
But hey, look at this - I finished one of my many UFOs, so maybe he isn't such a distraction after all!

This is the skirt that was the inspiration for the cuff. It's a crazy mix of colors, but I have to say it is my favorite thing in my closet. It's actually reversible. The other side is a snakeskin print in teal, cream and brown. Sounds hideous, but it's not.
My friend Joan hosts these home clothing parties (oh stop, I can hear the groans now!) from a line called Cabi. I usually run the other way when I hear home party, but I love this line of clothing. Everytime I go, I want to buy the entire collection. She's hosting another one for the Fall line this month - better start saving my nickles!


Carol said...

Cute cat!! The beading really represents the pattern in the skirt. Wish you would have shown the other side too! Sounded interesting.

Plays with Needles said...

How about Smoke...too cute but I'm glad it's you and not me...*grin

As for that bracelet...the colors are SPECTACULAR! I still love the middle swirly rose and the fact that you backed it in pink is just wonderful...

AND to see the skirt for inspiration...well, it makes me want to break into your house and rip off the entire ensemble! You better put it in the safe!

pam T said...

OMG the cat is ADORABLE!!!Makes me want to bring home another - kitties are the joy of life! I had one that looked the same, I named her Smokey. She liked to sit on people's heads. go figure. OH, the cuff is GORGEOUS too! love the colors.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, he's SO cute! Love the picture of him sleeping...what a love! What name did you chose for him? I wouldn't be able to resist either. Is DH finally talking to you again?! ~wink!~

I love the cuff and how fun that it goes with your favorite skirt! The colors are gorgeous and I love the swirled center! YUM!

XO ~Lisa