Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Focus Lynn!

Well I'm having a hard time pulling myself away from a pair of socks I'm knitting, but I have done some beading. I feel like I'm ping-ponging between a few projects and not getting much accomplished. Frustrating.

I made up this bracelet as a sample for a class I taught recently. It started with no plan (as usual) and then it seemed to evolve into a little garden path once I stitched on the square cube beads. So I 'grew' some flowers along the path and filled in the rest. I can't say I'm a big fan of purple, but boy I sure do seem to have a billion shades of purple beads in my stash!

And then since I was in bracelet mode and I have this skirt with really unusual colors in it that I never have anything to wear with, I started on this bracelet.

Doesn't the middle flower look like a cupcake top?

And now back to my art doll, Poppy--is your head spinning yet?

Her lower half is complete and she has some loopy fringe, but I'm at a loss as to how to finish her. I'm thinking she needs spiky 'hair' on the back of her head, since poppies are covered in soft bristles. I have no plan for her top half yet, but I do think it needs to be smooth, since the bottom is very textured. I'm thinking to incorporate some yellow, since all flowers need sun,but not still not sure. Stumped.

Oh, and did I mention I have not 1, but 2 double spine bracelets started??? Good heavens! FOCUS LYNN!

Oh, and then there's my life box, and my "the kiss" cuff bracelet and ........never mind. You get the picture.


dochoamom said...

You know its to hard to focus in the summer... I feel pulled everywhich way sometimes and lately a lot... I have to keep changing my hats... my mom hat, my taxi driver hat, my work hat (job) my OMG wirework hat (I took some classes!!!) and well you know... I have a book to send you... or at least a copy of a book to send you.. email me your address..

The purple cuff is stunning my bff Claudia would buy it!!! Oh I have that same skirt ha ha ha...

Love, Deb

Plays with Needles said...

Oh Lynn, forget about focus doll you have beauty all around you and dripping from your fingertips!! You can focus once the kids are back in school!

As for your projects, they're breathtaking. I really wish you lived closeby -- I have so much to learn from you..like how to make that super cool cupcake top! At first I thought that bracelet was a belt, but the movement and the coloring are looking very psychedelic and WONDERFUL...

As for Poppy, she's already stolen my heart...I could care less what the back of her head looks like or whether she ever decides to put a shirt on! It's just all fabulous...PLUS, I loved how you scattered those cube beads on the purple, your-not-so-favorite color, bracelet.

Did I mention, I'm SO glad you posted today?? Three cheers for lack of focus -- you wear it well!

Marty S said...

Do I ever love Poppy! She is fabulous! The colors are gorgeous!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Pursuing Art... said...

Focus Lynn!...totally smiling! I've said the same thing to myself! I think it's great having different projects to work on, but understand the feeling (ping-ponging) when it's time to finish one! ;-)

I love the purple cuff bracelet...it's lovely! I love the color purple, I just don't wear a lot of it. The garden path and flowers are beautiful!

The swirled rose and beautiful colors in the cuff to match your skirt is fabulous...will be fun for you to wear!

Poppy...well, she is the prettiest girl around...I think she's stolen everyone's heart!!!!!

The spine bracelets are going to be beautiful too!

Bead on sweet girl...XOXO ~me

Oh, Knit on too! :)

I knit also, but haven't picked up those needles since I started beading. I still have three UFO's on needles right now and plenty of yarn stash...;-)

Funny, I've knit a couple sweaters, plenty of scarves, love to make hats (not for me :), bags, wash cloths, etc., but have never made a pair of socks! Maybe one day!!!