Friday, August 28, 2009

Poppy -- Mission Accomplished!

Poppy is officially glorified in her beads! I so enjoyed making an art doll so I know she won't be my last.

Most of the beads were gifted to me along with the doll form from a dear blogfriend, Lisa. Hence the large "L" on her back. The green disk beads are vintage as are the butterflies gracing the front and back of her skirt. The skirt is supposed to be a field of poppies, but its a bit blurred, I admit.

She has 'sunshine' on her shoulders (....makes me happy - come on, sing along, you know John Denver is running through your brain right now)And her shirt is representing blue skies. Her hair is supposed to be a bit ugly, as poppies aren't the prettiest plant when they aren't in bloom.

Now if I can just stop holding her, I can keep working on my next cuff bracelet, which will be a nod to "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.


dochoamom said...

Lynn, Poppy is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing her...


Marty S said...

She's fabulous! I love her poppy hair.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Plays with Needles said...

Poppy rocks!!! I love her petal framed face...but also the butterfly on her front. The whole piece is just lovely and I can see where you'd want to make another one!!

pam T said...

Poppy is gorgeous. Makes me want to try making a doll! something to hold and admire, and she's a beaut! love the sunshine on her shoulders...

Lynn said...

Thanks ladies! Its so nice to hear feedback. Hugs to all!!

Pursuing Art... said...

OH Lynn...Poppy is *GORGEOUS*! I just adore her!

You did a beautiful job beading her! I love all she represents...the petals, the stamens around her face, her bristly hairs, the butterflies, the buds in the field of poppies around her skirt, blue skies and the sunshine on her shoulders!!! And, the 'L' is so sweet! WOW, she full of sunshine, joy and charm!!!

Totally smiling...Don't they feel wonderful to hold in your hand when beaded?!! I love the weight.

I hope she's not your last...she's absolutely lovely and I can't wait to see what you do with another. I can see a whole garden full of flowered art dolls. ;-)

Looking forward to see 'The Kiss' cuff you are working on!

Hugs my friend...~Lisa

P.S. Have a nice labor day weekend!