Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Golf Visor Finished

Well that was fun. Now I just need to wait for the snows to melt and the greens to green and I'll be back on the course!

I am happy to say I have kept my promise to myself and actually worked on Twigs for a bit yesterday. I'm thinking Monday will be Twigs day and I will work on him first thing in the a.m. before I head to the office.

I was puttering along quite nicely and then I heard something drop and I couldn't figure out what it was since I only had seed beads out at the time. Oh no! It was his mane. The tiger eye beads I used must be pretty sharp and I think because I was beading down his neck in the back I must have just been pressing them this way and that way as I was beading and the thread was cut. Bummer. So I re-sewed them on and will pay closer attention to them as I work. Here's a pic of his mane that I took over the summer.

I will set him aside for the week, and start working on a bracelet or two to sell. I don't have any left :) and since I have recently 'lost' my second part-time job, I need to at least put the effort into some income-generating projects.

I must admit that I am starting to personally feel the affects of this crashing economy. I work as a real estate paralegal and (used to) work for another local attorney from my home preparing title insurance policies for lenders. It's the at-home job that I lost and although I didn't rely on that paycheck to pay the bills, it was always a nice cushion to help pay for the extras that always seem to come along. It wasn't unexpected by any means, I could see the work load getting lighter and lighter and I know at the other firm I work for there really is not enough work to keep the real estate department busy. I'm already part-time there, and I cannot afford to shorten my hours any more, so I am hoping things will pick up. I hate having that feeling of 'being stuck' at the office with nothing to do and knowing that if I was at home, I could be kept busy 24/7. I guess I just don't feel good without being productive. Although I'm far from a workaholic! Maybe I could bring my knitting to the office -- nah, probably not.....too bad.


Penny said...

The visor is beautiful -- you may start a trend here! In fact you might be able to sell them -- through 'pro' shops perhaps?

Carol said...

O, Penny had a great idea. There would probably be a market for visors! If people can afford to golf, they can afford a visor!!LOL

O, this economy thing is scarey, but better times are ahead. Like the country, we need to look in a new direction for income. You are certainly talented so get marketing..you should give classes!

Our shop is working 4x10 day weeks. I am a shop secretary and have the opportunity to work 5x8 days, but its hard to work 5 if they will let me work 4 8s. So it cuts the extras but right now I am spoiling myself and working 32 hours a week. I could get used to this.

Carol said...

Forgot to tell you how beautiful the visor is. It looks so you. Very feminine (thats my impression of you anyway).

Glad twigs is getting more beads. I have started to look for an animal to bead. I think I have a frog I might try. Thanks for that inspiration. I think it would be fun.

GraceBeading said...

Wow... that is beautiful and I can only imagine how it will sparkle in the sunlight!

I work from home too (and LOVE it) and am so entrenched in corporate America, I don't know what I'd do if I lost my job. So far, it seems secure - let's see what 2009 holds.

Love your giraffe too - I look forward to seeing his progress.

Tracey N. said...

Beautiful Lynn! I love the finished look of the visor and i am so happy Twigs got some work done. haha....sounds like twigs had some plastic (or should I say glass) surgery done to him! He is far too pretty to be a he anyway, should be a she. I am sorry this sucky econonmy is hitting you in the pocket too. Our general motors plant closed Dec 23 here in town. We are a small town so I know this is having a huge trickle down effect here. So far my pension is ok....I dont know what I will do if I lose it! Cant even allow myself to go there. Anyway, gorgeous work. I picture you as very feminine tOO, just like carol does. We have you pegged girl! Hugs, Tracey

Plays with Needles said...

It's great to see you making something using one passion to use in another passion. It's very cool and you'll love wearing it.

Twigs has always been one of your projects that fascinates me. Jack has tons of those beanie babies packed away and the thought of all of them beaded is just a delightful idea!