Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beginnings of a Safari Bracelet

Must be Twig's influence; I'm starting a bracelet in safari colors.

I decided to start with a center cab and work my way out. There was too much white showing through my 'volcano' (you may know them as a 'barnacle'), so I used a dark brown sharpie marker to color in the open space.

I did have all intentions to get up and out of the house early and get some errands done. One look outside, and I decided to rethink that. It's one of those blustery dustery days that make me want to just stay inside and putter around.


GraceBeading said...

The Safari bracelet is looking great!

Don't blame you on re-thinking your intentions on getting out of the house - I think that view would keep me home too!

Carol said...

This bracelet is going to be GREAT!
We had jsome of that blustery here today also, but hi ho, hi ho, you know. Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to bring 3 days of snow and -14 at night. Yuck. I'm in for the weekend.