Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Reflection

I used to dread Winter.


My whole being would go into a funk and I just plodded through the days waiting for Spring. I don't know exactly when or why my attitude changed, but I'm so glad I have found my way out of those doldrums.

We took the dogs back into the woods today.

It was so quiet and refreshing.

The sun was barely emerging from the clouds, but there was no wind.

I have come to appreciate the

shape of the tree branches,

the outline of the lands,

and tracks that aren't

visible in summer.

The ice formations in the creek

were fascinating to me.

And isn't this a riot?

The rocks have made a face!

At the bottom of the ravine is a swinging bridge.
It's great fun to bounce along on your
way to the other side!


Carol said...

We used to enjoy the winter like this. I live in a rural area. There used to be a old gravel pit at the end of our road and we would walk our dogs there. Now there is a subdivision there. So we just wait it out now. The first hint of 45+ degree weather has us outside doing something. But thanks. We watch from the warm cozy picture window.

Penny said...

The ice formations would be beautiful represented by beading. Can't you just see it?

GraceBeading said...

Gorgeous photos! It looks so very serene and the dogs look to be having enough fun to brighten any spirit.

I tend to suffer from winter 'blues' and started taking Cod Liver Oil (ew, I know) when winter starts. I don't know if it really helps me or if it's all psychological. It seems to work for me though and a small price to pay in order to actually feel like I want to leave the house in winter :-)

Plays with Needles said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS!! I wish I wasn't so allergic to dogs because I love the idea of their freedom as they run through the woods. I love the leading lines of the bridge. You would probably LOVE the online photography course I'm taking. but I really do love the ice pictures. It hasn't gotten that cold here yet.