Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rope Border Variations

Here are some close up pictures of an Iroquois Raised Beadwork technique which makes a great border. A detailed explanation of the stitch can be found on my comment from the previous post.

Using 7 beads in a 5-bead space

First Row First Stitch: Bead 1 Yellow; Beads 2-6 White; Bead 7 Yellow.
First Row Second Stitch: Bead 1 Green; Beads 2-6 White; Bead 7 Green

Repeat this alternating pattern for the whole row.

On the second row, repeat the same sequence, making sure your starting and ending color beads match the colors from the first row.

For a Striped Effect

Using 9 beads (in a 7 bead space): First Row First Stitch: Beads 1 -3 Cream; Beads 4-6 Crimson; Beads 7-9 Cream.

Second Stitch: Beads 1-3 Crimson; Beads 4-6 Cream; Beads 7-9 Crimson

Alternate the above for the entire first row. Second row is done in the same sequence.

Using 9 beads in a 7-bead space

First Row - all 9 beads in the same color for every stitch
Second Row - bead 5 in contrasting color.

You can see how a single row of this rope stitch looks as shown on the top of this purse.

Using all one color for all beads in both rows, looks like this.
This is a horribly dull picture, but in person this is beautiful. The beads are gold lined smoky black and just fabulous!

Using this color pattern makes a border on the sides of the rope.

Using 7 beads in a 5-bead space
First Row: Beads 1-4 Cream; Beads 5-7 Silver lined pink.
Second Row: Same as First Row
The single row on the top of the flap was reversed - Beads 1-4 were the silver lined pink and Beads 5-7 were cream.


Carol said...

Lynn: Thanks for posting these pictures and instructions. This technique and your purses are so beautiful. You do beautiful work!

Tracey N. said...

Thanks for posting all of these pictures! I cant wait to give this technique a try! Your work is exquisite. This tutorial was lots of work for you and I know I for one appreciate it! I loved this look the first time I saw it on your blog. Great job! Thanks again, Huge hug for all the work! Tracey

GraceBeading said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS, thanks for sharing all the photos!