Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Newest Coin Purse

I love to make coin purses. Here's the latest one.

They are so durable and yet so pretty!

The patterned velvet is just beautiful (a gift from my friend Stephanie).

I didn't have a cabochon for the back so I took a chance and ordered a mixed bag from Fire Mountain Gems and luckily there was just the perfect one!

Most of the cabochons in the bunch were very small, and I don't really have any use for them, so if anyone out there could use small (I dare say tiny - like 3 mm) cabochons, just send me your name and address and I'll mail you some - I've got plenty to share.


Tracey N. said...

Lynn this is so pretty! You make such unique and beautiful pieces. Is there no end to your talents? I love the colors, the velvet is gorgeous. your choice of beads, as always, is impeccable! How did you do that spiral effect around the edge? Love it! Hugs, Tracey

Lynn said...

Tracey - you are a sweetheart--truly!

The spiral edge is a technique I learned while studying raised beadwork of the Iroquois nation. It's 7 beads worked in a 5 bead space (which creates a 'hump'). Bring your needle back up through the fabric in the center of the hump (right in line with the humped beads) and draw your needle up to the left of the hump. Load 7 beads onto your needle and go down again in a 5 bead space, keeping a straight line hump to hump. You'll see the beads 'roll' to the outside edge. Just continue this the entire length of the border. Remember to always come up to the left of the hump. Then repeat the same stitch in a row next to the first BUT bring your needle up to the right (or inside)of the hump.

It looks really neat when you switch up the colors - I'll post some examples so you can see how different the stitch looks with different bead colors.

thanks for asking!! Hugs Hugs--Lynn

Carol said...

Your beadwork is so beautiful. I followed this technique with interest and am going to try it. Did you learn it from a certain book? Im better with picture instructions LOL

Lynn said...

Carol - Unfortunately the class provided no written instructions. Which I have since learned is mainly because the Native Americans culture is a spoken not written format. I'll get one of my daughters or my husband to take some photos of me doing each step and post them and hopefully that will help!

Tracey N. said...

Hi Lynn, I think that sounds good! Having your hubby or daughter taking pictures is a great way to truly show how its done. I am more of a visual person as well, so written directions sometimes get lost in this big ole head! I would really appreciate you doing that. This is just beautiful! Tracey

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Lynn,

I just want to tell you that this coin purse is fantastic! If I could just put a bug in your ear, I'd mention our upcoming "Your Designs Rock" design contest... ;-)

Take care,

at Rings & Things

Barbara said...

I totally want to agree with Tracey and Carol -- showing some step by steps on how you made that would be really cool. It would use up all the odd scraps that I've been saving (Oh, I'll make a quilt with that someday...).

That's a really neat little project!