Saturday, October 4, 2008

Twigs Update!

I think I should have named Twigs "Patience". Poor little thing watches me work on everything but her. One thing I have learned--wait to add any fringe until the end! Notice only one of her ears is done. That itty-bitty fringe is a thread magnet! I swear every stitch I made my thread would get wrapped all in it somehow. Drove me crazy; but lesson learned!! Another thing I have learned is that I think I've used too many colors. She looks too busy to me.

I'm looking forward to getting back to her. In fact I have added a wooden dowel to my WalMart list, so I will tackle getting her neck stable and that will hopefully give me the incentive to work on her some more.


Tracey N. said...

Lynn I think Twigs is just coming along beautifully! I dont see busy, I see lovely! I know what you mean about adding fringe last. My page I am doing now has texture in the tree and my thread catches on it every time, or I accidently put my needle through one of the beads that are sticking up. Pain in the booty! Great work, I cant wait to see this one done. Hugs, Tracey

Carol said...

Hi Lynn: I love your work! I think Twigs is just a neat project and I don't think he's too busy. I like your idea of beading a stuffed animal. I am new to bead embroidery and I am adding trying this technique to my list of things I'd like to try. He's cool.