Monday, October 10, 2011

BJP - September Virginia

Although I actually finished this piece in August, it has taken me until NOW to post it?  Good golly miss molly what is UP with that???  Hmmm,  I guess I've been busy re-inventing my life.  But more about that later. 

September's trip took me back to being 16 years old and going to Virginia Beach on vacation.  When I was 16 my mother used to tease me that my 'job' was suntanning and growing my fingernails long.  They were long, but I loved them.  And yes I was beyond tan back in the day.  None of that fake 'n bake -- just pure Western New York sunshine.  I couldn't get enough of it back then.  So a trip to the ocean in July - didn't have to ask me twice!

I was in my glory - sun, sand, ocean.   Not Lake - but OCEAN.  With its huge waves and pounding surf.  My dad and I had a blast playing in the waves on this little blow up raft thing.  Timing the waves just right to ride all the way into the shore.  Over and over again.  God that was fun! 

It was at the end of one ride that I literally felt like my arm had broken.  It was the weirdest pain.  I remember the look on my mother's face as she watched me come out of the water.  She knew something wasn't right.  I had no idea what could have happened. 

I looked down at the raft and there was a jellyfish.  I had laid right on top of it and had gotten stung. 

I had never even thought about jellyfish.  We didn't have any of those in Lake Erie!  Of course after that, I was so paranoid that the carefree surf rides were over.    But the memory lives on.......

Bead Happy and Often !


Tracey N. said...

I have so missed seeing your beaded creations. This one did not let me down, it is G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S my jaw literally hit the ground. Glad to see you back!

Lisa Criswell said...

i really like your jellyfish interpretation, but i wish it hadn't ruined your trip to the ocean!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You did an amazing job of bringing your story alive in you BJP piece!

The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

I agree with Tracey! I look forward to seeing what you've created and what state you'll be doing. Its so inspiring I love your interpretation.

Helena_VS said...

This work is so romantic*)