Thursday, February 10, 2011

(sick of) Winter Enchantment

Please read this with 2 things in mind:

1.  It is 4 degrees outside, although the sun is shining.
2.  I am typing this with gloves on because my 1880 house is impossible to keep warm on my heating budget.

Anyway,  I was working on my Winter Enchantment piece for for the blogging partners program.  Not really feeling the love because I am SICK OF WINTER. 

I also have a funny story to share (see the bottom of this post), so I thought I would share my progress on my beading too, even though its not finished yet.

I love the way the tree turned out by using the Artbeads components.  (See bottom of this post for links to the products used).  

I've now been paying particular attention to the various snowscapes and weather patterns around here to get inspiration for my background.

I beaded this to represent the frozen circles we found while hiking along the shore of Lake Ontario a few weekends ago.

This rather lumpy, discolored area is to acknowledge (as much as I try to ignore) the old, yucky piles that are left after the parking lots and streets get plowed out.   I remember as a girl we used to go down to the plaza parking lot and climb the huge ice/snow mounds that bordered the parking lot.  It was a blast.  Now, I just try not to see them.

And I've been paying attention to the types of snowfall.

One day/night we had this awful granular type of snow.  Not pretty.  This is my least favorite kind of snow.  Its dull and useless.

The next day came my favorite kind of snow. 

Huge, fluffy, snowflakes that stick to your nose and eyelashes (come on everybody sing......brown paper packages tied up with string....oh sorry, I got carried away.   Sound of Music is my most favorite movie).  Anyhow, its the kind of snow that piles up in a hurry and sticks to every possible place it can and turns your ordinary street into a winter wonderland.  Best of all, its easy to shovel!

Then came the winds that swirl the snow from rooftops and create little snow tornados as gravity-defying snowdrifts form in their wake.

And today with the near zero temps and the brilliant bright sunshine, the snow is glittering like, well, glitter!

This is where I was when all of a sudden my dogs start barking their heads off! 

I jumped a mile-scared me half to death!
Then the doorbell rang. 
Hmm, that's weird.     
Who could that be?

I get to the door and an older 'gentlemen' is standing there. 
?What?  ?Who?
 I'll be honest here:  He looked drunk and unkempt.  I see no car around. 
To say I'm cautious is an understatement.  
Keep in mind that my dogs are still barking like crazy, and I let them keep right on barking.  I want this stranger to understand my dogs are not happy that he is there.
I only open my inside door - I keep the outer door closed.

"Can I help you with something?"  I say
"mumble mumble, locked myself out, mumble mumble"  He replies.  "Can I use your phone?"

DING DING DING  alarm bells going off in my head.   I have never seen this person before and he doesn't look like he's 'all there.'

"No"  I shout over the din of barking hounds.  "But I'll be happy to call someone for you"
He rattles off a phone number.

 I close the door, take my phone and head to the back door (I don't even realize I do this, until after the incident is over - I must have been thinking of an escape in the event he should come into the house). 
I call the number and get an answering machine.  I leave a message with my name and phone number and explain the situation and ask them to call me back.

I go back to the front door.  The dogs are still barking, so I know he didn't leave. 

"I left a message" I tell him.  "Is there any one else I can try?  The police perhaps?"
He gives me another number. 
This time I think to ask him the name of the person who should be answering at that number.  "Alicia"  he says.  Oh my!  That is my (new) neighbor's name....hmm, maybe he's not lying.

I quick call the number and, sure enough, Alicia answers and confirms that it probably is her dad, Rich.  He just got out of the hospital and is staying with them while he recovers.
Well,  I couldn't get that poor man in my house fast enough!  

Come to find out, he had gone outside to have a cigarette and closed the door behind him, not realizing it would lock.  Of course his cell phone was in the house, so he couldn't call anyone.   I kept apologizing for making him wait on my porch and he kept apologizing for 'troubling' me and for looking so bad.  I gave him a cup of coffee to warm him up and a family member arrived with a key and off Rich went.  He was embarassed and I was ashamed for have such an untrusting soul.  

Timing is everything, though.  I'm only at home during the day on Thursdays. 

Back to glittering up my snow piece.....and wishing Rich a speedy recovery.

~Bead Happy and Often ~

FTC Disclosure:
The following products were provided to me free of charge in exchange for the review of the products.

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Roberta said...

Well, that was some post!

First of all, hiking on the shores of Lake Ontario? I thought I was freezing.
Second, the piece is extraordinary. I love what you have done with the tree, the snow. it is lovely and looks so cold and snowy. Well done!
Third. You can't be too careful these days. It doesn't matter where you live. You did the right thing. You just don't know who is out there.
Take care, stay warm!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful beading, Lynn! You put so much thought into each piece--you are an inspiration! Have you already shared what you plan to do with the piece when it is finished?

It's a sad fact that you cannot be too careful these days--you handled the situation perfectly.

Robbie said...

Better be safe then sorry, right! At least you did get him off the streets!
Love your beaded does look like snow!!! Very nice.

Carol said...

Hi Lynn
This is a great piece. Most people don't see the differnece in the type of snow that falls.

Well, that was a story, but don't be too ashamed. You just never know who is at the door and its better to be safe.

How is your daughter doing, I have been meaning to ask.
xx, Carol

Mortira said...

Your design is gorgeous! I think our idea of winter is often more beautiful than the real thing.

I think you did the right thing with your mysterious visitor. You can never be too careful!

Raphaela said...

Beautiful piece.

The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

I loved your interpretations, they were spot on IMO. Poor Rich! Lovely story though.

Jacquie said...

what a great post...loved your snowy tree piece!!! beautifully beaded. The photos were so awesome and inspirational..especially the crinkled circles of can't relate..I'm in california and want some snow..but I do feel your pain...and the poor neighbor stuck out in the cold...oh poor guy and I would have reacted the same way had I been in your place...but loved reading this...Stay warm...we have a huge house which also does not stay warm in the winter only because we never turn on the heat because of the darn cost of gas in Calif...anyway again..stay as warm as you can ;o)

Lori~Studio Waterstone said...

What a great story - and you STILL did the right thing. The beading is unreal GORGEOUS! I'm in love. What a terrific post.

LissC said...

your pic with the gloves and keyboard cracked me up. Reminded me of the house I lived in as a kid. It would get so cold if you had a glass of water next to your bed it would freeze. We read a lot as kids, and we would read with the cover pulled up to just where our eyes were showing and we would wear gloves to hold the book. So I totally get how cold it is in your house!

Your beading is soooo pretty! i love it!

LissC said...

p.s. you shouldn't feel ashamed. You just can't be too safe. And "Feeling bad" is exactly why we don't trust that instinct to protect ourselves, and we end up getting hurt. It is smart to listen to that little voice inside as well as the dogs, and to not let a stranger in. I understand, I would have felt bad too, but really shouldn't. You did exactly what you should have, made the call, and found an escape route. I think that was really smart!