Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta know when to say No

Way back when, I was all pumped up to enter the Haute Couture beading challenge sponsored by Good Quill Hunting.  I jumped right in and beaded my heart out making these fun circles and netted necklace piece that I was going to attach the circles to.  And I loved this little toggle set I made up.

And then........ppfffffffffffffffffff.  I ran out of steam.  Had no interest in finishing it. 

I took the whole netted piece apart and tried something else and stitched the circles together and yet, blah.  Not Feeling IT. 

Although I do like these little circle things - I'm sure they'll reappear somewhere someday (in definitely a different color story).

So the Haute Couture turned into the Naught Couture.  I'm good with that.  Time to move on.


lovingbead said...

Very beautiful and inspirational!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I had high aspirations to enter, too, but didn't even get as far as you did. With our daughter starting college & all the shopping & prep that entailed, I am challenged just to keep my shop fresh & have things made for the local shows I do.

Plays with Needles said...

That's OK Lynn. It happens to me ALL the time. I'm just grateful to you because your pretty little circles inspired me to sign up. I thought I would be finished today but I'm going to add a bead embroidered centerpiece. Looks like I'll be down to the wire...what else is new. You've had quite a year, my friend and I love whatever you decide to do. Like, how you put those three circles together...I just might have to try that...I can just see that on a crazy quilt..xo Susan

LissC said...

I entered early on, but the competition is so amazing. I'm still glad I entered, but i have no delusions of winning. There are so many amazing entries. I love your piece, and loved where you were going with it, as well as what you turned it into.

Beadwright said...

We are all in the same boat. I too started to get in on this and well like Debbie, life and more crucial things kept me from entering. In fact I don't enter contest just for the time factor.
I do like your wheels though.

Robbie said...

I saw a piece of beaded art work called 'Feathered Egg' by Sage Zering. Do a google search and the first page that comes up shows a picture of her egg in the book '500 beaded object'. I can see your circles being put to good use in something similar! This egg is outstanding!!