Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 "Wishes" Granted

Awoke this morning to 57 degrees and crisp gorgeous blue sky with scary gray globs of clouds scattered around.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Feeling invigorated and ashamed at the accumulation of dust, fur, and miscellaneous paperwork, etc., scattered about my studio, I set to work. 

I first looked at the small bulletin board that hangs above my filing cabinet.  Hmm, a letter from the high school telling me that if I didn't return Hannah's Earth Science book I would have to fork over $40.  Since I delivered that book over a month ago, I thought it was time I tossed the notice, right?  Down it came and underneath it was a mix of scraps of paper and post-it-notes that I had written the titles of various books that I had wanted to read. 

Here's one:

Now, how funny is this?  The girls and I had gone to the library last week and under this HUGE print of Niagara Falls was a display of the latest "One Book One Community" event.  Guess what book it is......


But what's really hysterical, is that I didn't even remember that was one of the books on my wish list until I saw it this morning on my bulletin board.  Of course, notice the date of the paper that I wrote it on - a full year ago!  I decided not to toss my little note - I tucked it into the pages of the book to remind me what a dope I am sometimes :)

Back to the cleaning..............enjoy your day!


Copper Diem said...

i added that book to my wish list - sounds good!

Robbie said...

So glad you are invigorated again! I just got back from 'flag football' with the grandson and son! Boy, it was cold but SOOOO much better than the heat! Enjoy your weekend!

Plays with Needles said...

Hey!! This is on my list too!!