Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Chapter

Well, I'm sad to say that Hannah's situation at school never improved. After weeks of hearing from her about this girl 'getting in her face', or that boy 'fake punching' her, or someone pouring her milk all over her lunch while she was away from her table, I was at my wits end. I was on the phone almost daily with the assistant principal and his take (after listening to the other students involved) was that she was just as much at fault. Great. Do I believe her or him? Hmmm, last time I believed the school officials, I walked away with video evidence that they were completely wrong! It seemed to me that these kids were doing everything they could to push Hannah to her limits, but just enough so they wouldn't get in trouble; meaning, no physical contact.

I begged Hannah to keep her mouth shut, focus on school, and just get through the day. There were less than 20 days to go in the school year. Believe me, I didn't feel good about this, but the school was telling me they wouldn't do anything because of her 'involvement.' Hannah fully admits she shouts back at them but doesn't initiate- and I understand that you can't always just walk away. You need to stand up for yourself.

But of course, the school wasn't going to see it that way. Their solution was to place her in what they call ALC - Alternative Learning Center. Fine. Whatever. I don't care they consider that to be an in-school suspension. As long as she is safe and keeping up with her schoolwork. Hannah actually liked being in ALC. She was able to focus and get her work done.

The final straw came on Thursday when she was accosted while she was in that ALC classroom. A classroom where the door is locked. Locked, that is, until a student needs to leave and that's when a girl came into the room and confronted Hannah accusing her of "talking sh*t" about someone else and proceeded to punch and hit her in her head (Hannah was still sitting at her desk). Luckily a nearby student immediately stepped in (before the teacher could get to her) and pulled her away. This girl must have been waiting outside that classroom until someone came out so she could get in. Unbelievable. Hannah says she doesn't know what this girl was talking about and honestly, does it really matter? The bottom line is my daughter isn't safe there - period. Done. She's not going back.

So now I wait for the school board to make a decision on home schooling. I'll find out today what the decision is.

Update: We have been approved for homeschooling through the end of the school year. At this point I just hope she passes 10th grade. I don't know what we will do in the Fall. I know she (nor I) want her to continue to be homeschooled, so I am hoping we can afford to send her to a school out of the district.

Thanks for all the kind support - you girls are the best!


Carol said...

I have no comment. I can't imagine sending your child to school where is not safe or protected. There has been so much of this in the news lately, especially pertaining to girls fighting and it showing up on UTube or making the cell phone rounds.

Good Luck Lynn. This is a tough situation.

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

hannah is so beautiful! wow, what a pretty girl! i agree with you. my child would not be going back either. that is the one place during the day that they are away from you that you need to feel they are safe. i drop my kids off in the morning and think, whew, they'll be ok until i pick them up this afternoon. i can't imagine the stress and anxiety that you both must be feeling. shouting back isn't involvement. what is she supposed to do, just sit there and let them walk all over her every day? unbelievable. well, i know from experience that in my area there are alternative high schools, and there are also high school courses online. i wouldn't send her back either. hoping you both have a peaceful summer and come up with your own resolution over the next couple months since the school obviously won't help you. sending much love.

Joyce said...

that's horrible! the teacher witnessed the incident right? I hope that girl has been suspended!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

What a never ending nightmare! We expect our children to be safe on school grounds and we shouldn't have to even contemplate that they are not.

I hope the board votes in your favor.

Whimsical Creations said...

Oh my!! What a nightmare! HUgs!

Plays with Needles said...

Good call. I know that you will find the right option for Hannah this Summer. You just need space and time to think and regroup.

I'm not sure I get the Hannah's involvement sure seems like there are many others and just one of matter what smack she talks...I couldn't stay completely quiet if I were her either...she's not a doorknob, she's a person. And though it's not easy, you're doing what a mom is supposed to do. protect her.

I'm still struggling with the school's just must be a rampant problem for them to treat this so my son's school they have a zero tolerance policy which included the tiniest of things...and they have a disciplinarian that is very intimidating...the boys wouldn't dare cross him. I might consider writing a letter to a newstation to tell your story. I imagine there are other children who are unprotected too...10 days til Summer...good for you and for Hannah! Can beading be part of homeschooling?? Good luck my friend.

Gypsy said...

Geez- been in your shoes! My oldest, sweet, helpful, kind, pretty- all she ever got was crap from other girls. Jealousy is ugly. That the school district cannot protect your child is wrong. If you have video showing this, please contact someone who can help you force them to allow your child to attend another school for FREE! They will not want a lawsuit, believe me..

Robbie said...

Thanks goodness you are an 'interested' parent!!! Where are the other parents! Hannah does need to stand up for herself and I'm sure she appreciates having you stand up for her as well. Best to both of you!!Keep strong for each other! It's a shame that it takes a disaster for the schools to take notice! let's just hope that disaster isn't Hannah!

Tracey N. said...

Oh what a nightmare for both of you! This makes me so glad my kids are out of school, but fearful for my grand babies when they start school. I cannot imagine the horror you both must feel everyday. This whole situation just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hope the summer break brings a much needed solution for this terrible problem. Hugs to both of you!

Kristen said...

I am so sorry! My daughter wen through some of the same (only some) 2 years ago and I ended up seeing the superintendent (luckly he saw my side and the school is small) anyway I give Hannah and my daughter alot of credit for trying to cope and not hide away ( I would have stayed home ) but when its physical its enough! Yo don't know me and I am new to your blog but you do have my support!