Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Feel Special!

One of the blogs I stumbled upon during the One World One Heart event was Li's My Thoughts My Voice.
Li was offering up an adorable crocheted kokeshi doll and I wanted to be the winner so badly. But I wasn't. :(

I contacted Li and asked her if I could buy one. She told me absolutely not - she would make me one - just because I asked! How special is that?!?

Well, she arrived safely at my doorstep all the way from the Philippines and she brought with her a handful of wishing stars.

How sweet is she? I just can't stop looking at her! Every tiny stitch is perfect. Look at that flower in her hair - what a perfect little detail! And speaking of her hair - it is perfectly straight. Amazing. Li is a super-talented woman!! Not to mention a huge sweetheart :)

Now, back to those wishing stars my little wee one brought with her....
Li tells me it was a magical night and these stars just came tumbling in so she caught some in her jar and is sharing them with me. Really? How fun is that! They are light as air and definitely hold magic, I can tell.
I was so drawn to this little kokeshi because I have 2 dolls that were given to me when I was young and they watch over me as I bead, perched upon a china cabinet-turned beading cabinet. The tall girl is from Vietnam and was given to me by my uncle in 1969 for my 5th birthday. The wooden kokeshi was a gift from my dad who was in Seoul, South Korea, on business in 1976. I always wanted a third doll to join them, since I'm 1 of 3 sisters and I have 3 daughters, it just seemed like I should have 3 dolls. They needed a little sister to join them and Li's wee one was a perfect choice.

But I can't bear to see her so far away from me, so she gets special treatment and will sit right on my beading table surrounded by her magical wishing stars.

Li - thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will treasure her always!!


Joyce said...

Super cute! she looks very adorable with the stars :D

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

what an awesome gift...such a treasure! i'm sure those stars will grant your wishes.

Tracey N. said...

You are special Lynn! Remember when I wanted one of your butterflies so badly and magically one showed up at my house? As they say "What goes around, comes around" and it did for you! She is too cute with her little stars!Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn,

Aaawwww :-) You know, while she was still here (and in the process of creating her), I used to place her in a wee bowl too with the stars! And then there she is in your table too. :-)

She has very tall sisters and they are just adorable! You are very lucky to have have them now. They must have hold lots of memories and secrets while you were growing up . . . up until now. And they have such sweet faces and that I am sure little Lily will love love love her new home and sisters (who happen to have come from different places, I see):-)

(I forgot to mention, when I made my very first dolly for me, I fancied on naming her Lily (but it was still just a thought). Then OWOH happened and you know what, Mary, the one who adopted the OWOH dolly told me she was gonna name her Lily as well. And then now, you told me you were thinking of naming her that too! - Now, how did that happen? :-) )


GraceBeading said...

That is the sweetest little doll, she looks like the perfect addition to your collection. And the stars are SO neat!