Saturday, April 3, 2010

As I was completing my next year's Beading For a Cure project, I was in a bit of a panic, because I still hadn't used the 6 mm bicone crystals. Rules are that you have to use at least 1 of every bead in the kit.

My friend Cynthia (who doesn't blog, but should, because she is an incredible beader -- are you listening Cynthia??!), sent me a YouTube link with Sherry Serafini demonstrating a cuff bracelet. Well, you know how this internet think works, right? One thing leads to another, to another, to another......and before I knew it, I had stumbled across a video showing how to make a beaded bead. A beaded bead out of bicone crystals! Perfect

Just what I needed for the tassel. At first I strung the seed beads right up to the beaded bicone bead (ooh, another tongue twister like the spring bling ring, lol), but it didn't look right. So I just added another bicone to the top half of the fringe and one before I started the bottom fringe, and it looked much better.

I've got the whole thing constructed and edged.
And just have the handle to finish and attach. I say 'just' like it's a 5 minute project-but we beaders know really what 'just' means - hours more to go......

Today, being the Saturday before Easter (what we always called Holy Saturday in my days of being a practicing Roman Catholic), we are off to our annual girls' day of breakfast, a trip to the Botanical Gardens

(2 of many many pictures taken last year)

and a visit to Our Lady of Victory Basilica.

An architectural masterpiece, no matter what your religious background.
Happy Easter! and hug your loved ones tight!


Beadwright said...

Lynn that necklace turned out incredible!!! Very thing about it is beautiful.

Have a happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn,

The purse, though I only see some "sneak peeks", I am sure will turn into something really really pretty. And all of this is for a beautiful cause.

I imagine, when people got during Easter mass which is usually at dawn, I can see the lights passing through those windows (in the church)

Happy Easter!


dochoamom said...

Lynn, That piece is as all yours are just wonderful... Happy Easter to you and family...

Love, Deb

Gypsy said...

Don't you just love those moments of serendipity!? the necklace is gorgeous, and the catheral inspires awe, just thinking about what went into creating that masterpiece! Aryd'ell

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

i really like the beaded bead. i'm going to have to search youtube to see if i can find the one to do that. i love your edging. your stitches are always so perfect. i aspire to be as good as you!

btw, i have nominated you for a blogging award. check out my page to read about it.

GraceBeading said...

LOVE the beaded bead! Your project looks AMAZING! I finished mine, and took some photos today. Not quite ready to send it off, I want to look at it just a bit longer. I really like the handle too. Nice work!