Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Lesson from Tim Gunn

I am a huge Project Runway fan.

Last week, the designers drew inspiration from various neighborhoods throughout NYC. Seeing the many wrought iron gates and fences of the Upper East Side, contestant designer Jonathan Peters created a cutwork dress. I thought it was looking awesome and then Tim Gunn came in to check on the progress. After listening to Jonathan's design idea, Gunn guided Jonathan away from over-designing his dress. (If you'd like to watch that segment, click here.)

Hmm, food for thought as I was designing my 2011 Beading for A Cure piece.

Using my lining fabric as inspiration, my 'plan' was to use various star patterns on the piece and then bead swirled lines across the background.

After working up a few different star designs, I started to bead.

Then came that Project Runway episode.
Oh no.
I immediately recognized I was heading down that over-designing path.

So I am now only using this star design -

and this starburst - I think this will look much more sophisticated than a crazy mix of star patterns.

On another completely unrelated topic: Look at these gorgeous snail shells Claire found down in the Erie Canal (it gets drained in the winter - she wasn't scuba diving lol). Nature is amazing - the color, the perfect swirl - I just love them! I'm so happy she thought of me and brought them home.

Time's up - Meghan needs to use the computer for her school work- talk to you soon....


Jewelry By Jessica said...

I really love your work. :) I like the pattern that's on the fabric, but I have to say I like the way you've choosen to do it now a lot better. Can't wait to see the finished peice. ^_^

Carol said...

I don't watch Project Runway...maybe I should ~lol~ Never thought of it as an education.

Love the simple yet elaborate motifs you decided to use. Yes, its your style, isn't it.

Sorry, I have to ask. Are they your designs or a pattern I wish I knew ...not ~lol~... admiring. I think they are beautiful.

This piece will be gorgeous.
xx, Carol

Dulcey said...

I like it, the star especially catches my attention! It's going to be amazing.

Beadwright said...

I watch that show as well. There are always great ideas there. Plus it is a fun show.


GraceBeading said...

hi Lynn - drop dead gorgeous already. You make magic with beads, I'm so excited to see how it turns out!

Tracey N. said...

I love Project Runway too! I agree with your decision on rething your project. I think the beadwork would have been lost on the beautiful fabric. I am sure you will find another use, because its gorgeous! Cant wait to see the finished piece! Hugs!

Vampi said...

Your work just amazes me :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn,

I enjoy watching project runway but Episodes aired here are late. So I', looking forward to watching it again. Love the stress and I think those designers are just great with the time pressure and all :-)

I like the stars you have finally come up with. It looks much more delicate and really pretty!


http://stefaniessammelsurium.blogspot.com/ said...

I love your star design. And I'm a big Tim Gunn Fan, too. And I think you made the right decision. regards Stefanie