Friday, October 2, 2009

NOT the best week ever

Oh boy, what a week. Nothing horrible horrible, just little petty annoying things that wear me down.

First my oldest daughter is a completely innocent party in a car accident. She was just sitting at the traffic light (red on her side) and two vehicles both ran the light on the other street which caused one vehicle to hit the other, spin it through the intersection and collide with Claire.

Thankfully no one was injured--just 3 damaged cars. I didn't think our car was all that bad and since Claire (and everyone else) was fine, I thought oh, well. BUT - since both other drivers were issued citations, the insurance companies are haggling over who is at fault and the collision shop we were told to go to for an estimate has decided our car is a total loss. WHAT?! It has damage to the front only! Hardly a total loss. I won't even go there - no one wants to listen to me rant about society's throw-away mentality and how twisted the whole insurance business is. Look at my car - doesn't it look worth fixing to you?

So now we are stuck juggling schedules (luckily I can walk to work) while the insurance companies take their time. Lovely.

Ok, so yesterday I am baking cookies while working on my lidded box. I put the last batch in the oven and go back to beading. A few minutes later....sniff sniff... smells like something is burning. I glance up at the clock, see there is at least 10 minutes left to bake and think it must just be the baking parchment getting a little singed.

Ok another minute or two ... sniff sniff.... what the ? Get up, go into the kitchen, look at the oven--see, still 4 more minutes to bake. It can't be the cookies I'm smelling. I start to go back to my studio, but look again at the oven and realize the electric element is red - really red! Like, waaayyyy too red. Something is definitely wrong. I shut the oven off (or so I thought), open the door and *poof* the room instantly fills with smoke, setting off the smoke alarm. I run the smoking cookies outside, rush back in, look at the oven--it's still on! What the?? I can't turn it off and it is so unbelievably hot.

I call my husband to find out how to shut the main power off to the house (ok, so in the heat of the moment the fuse box didn't come to mind!). I go to the basement to knock all the fuses (or so I thought) to off and, duh, the whole basement goes pitch dark and the phone goes dead. So I rush back upstairs and the oven is still on! And even worse -- it now is beeping like crazy and the word FIRE is running across the digital display. YIKES!

Time to call 911. So I pick up the phone - uh, which isn't working because the power is off (Must be the smoke affecting my brain) - so now I'm on a mission to find that elusive cell phone of mine. Finally find it after dumping my entire purse onto the kitchen table, only to realize its on the desk. Good grief!

I put the cats in the car to keep them safe, put the dog into the yard just as the police come roaring down my street. The officer goes to the oven, pushes the 'off' button and says, "you're all set." Hmm, don't think so! Did he honestly think I was that stupid I didn't try that!?! Oh boy.

I asked to use his flashlight and I go back into the dark basement and see that I did indeed miss 2 fuses. Clicked them over - and voila - I hear the officer shout out - "all set". Thank God. I get back upstairs to literally 8 - 10 fully outfitted firemen streaming into my house. Wow they pack on a lot of gear! They graciously pulled out my oven and unplugged it for me. Disaster averted!

Cookie anyone?

So the only bright spot of the day was getting tickets to the Lady GaGa concert before they actually went on sale to the general public. Awesome seats-so excited...... Oh wait, not so fast - they cancelled the concert later that night!! UGH.


Tracey N. said...

Oh Lynn, I dont even know what to say. Good thing is no one was hurt! Other than that your day was a comedy of errors wasnt it? I cringed when I saw the Lady Gaga part because I knew it had be cancelled and I was hoping not to be the bearer of more bad news. Sending a huge hug your way, Tracey

Carol said...

Are you laughing yet? You know, they always say "some day we will look back on this and laugh". Somehow I think some day is a little farther away, lol.

I know all about that car insurance thing. Another zinger is when they decide to fix it and take depreciation on parts they will replace.

Anyway, I am thinking something really good must be around the corner for you. Hope so.

pam T said...

O Lynn! you poor thing! I too hope you are laughing about it now, but it sure isn't funny when it's happening! Sending good vibes your way for better days! Lady Gaga! wow! I hope it's rescheduled for ya!

Marty S said...

Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Lynn, what a day...I am so sorry! Thank goodness no one got hurt and that you were home when the oven went haywire. You poor thing! Then to top the day off with cancelled tickets...:( I bet you were worn out and slept well that night!

I know about the insurance companies too...they said the same thing when our son got in an accident. Just like you the front corner and it's totalled! Isn't it ridiculous?!! Our van was in good shape and had low we decided to get it fixed anyway and we are still driving it! ;-)

Sending positive energy your way for smoother days ahead! ~Lisa