Monday, October 5, 2009

Big Hugs to all of you for listening to my recent tale of woe. It is funny now that I look back at it. Its such a nice feeling knowing my blogfriends care. It means so much to me!! XOXO

Luckily things seem to be looking up.

After a week of bad luck and bad weather, Saturday morning was beautiful--just in time for our twice annual canoe trek. (I have to admit the thought of me ending up in the water did cross my mind). It was heaven. Ironically huge storms blew through our area that very same afternoon. It was hard to believe that just a few hours before the sky was blue and wind the warm. How's that for timing?

. . . . . . .And my lidded box is finished! I love it. I can't wait to make another. I'm thinking of doing a winter themed one. Maybe with pinecones on it. Or a green velvet one with candy canes and peppermint swirls. Or a silver one with snowflakes......oh the possibilities!

I'm on a mission to make a credit card/business card holder. I've started it, but not real sure how the whole thing is going to come together. Wish me luck!


pam T said...

Oh Lynn, this turned out absolutely beautiful!!!
Here's to a better week ahead!!!

Carol said...

Very nice box, Lynn. As always, your beading is beautiful.

Glad you got to get out and enjoy nature. Its so revitalizing especially after the week you had. Brings everything back into perspective, doesn't it?

BTW, I made some brownies yesterday that looked like your cookies. That will teach me to take just a minute to check email!

Jacquie said...

Yet a another beautiful masterpiece pretty. I always have to have my get out into nature fix, it helps me think clearly and I feel so much better during the week. The pictures are great

Pursuing Art... said...

So glad you got out while the weather was nice for a canoe trip...I bet it was beautiful and peaceful!

The lidded box is just gorgeous, Lynn! I love it and your beading is absolutely beautiful! Your ideas for winter themed boxes sound delightful too!!
XO ~Lisa

Lynn said...

~sigh~ Thanks for the love!

Plays with Needles said...

WOw!!!! I'm all a-coveting this little box...drooling...wishing I could come to class with you and can't WAIT to see what you come up with next!

Oh, and I can totally relate to the fire incident since I just had one last year. I'm glad it turned out OK...