Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finding Inspiration

A few weeks ago I went on an architectural tour of a very neglected train station in Buffalo (NY) called the Central Terminal. And although the structure has been stripped of nearly every ornament that unscrupulous prior owners could get their hands on, it is still a building worthy of saving and protecting. Thankfully a group of dedicated people are doing just that. The art deco work is breathtaking and I would love to be transported in time to see it in all its former glory.

I took a ton of pictures with the goal of creating various beaded pieces using the art deco ornamentation as inspiration. Here is just one of many elements I found to be 'bead worthy':

I decided to use this piece as inspiration for my business card/credit card holder I'm making. Here's what I've got so far.

I've never worked from a picture before, and its a lot of fun. Although it will not be an exact replica of the original marble carving, I think it will reflect the basic elements of it. And doesn't this floor pattern just scream "cuff bracelet"?!!

Oh, and check this out - I'm so flattered! Thanks Beads Perles!!


Carol said...

Wow, international fame!! bet you never anticipated that! Pretty Cool. I love your idea of inspiration from the architecture. Your piece is lovely. Super creative!

pam T said...

oh, these are very cool! Yep, definitely a cuff bracelet for that one...

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Lynn...finally out and about again. BTW, thank you for swinging by and leaving such lovely always make me smile!

Is that not sad that they stripped the Central Terminal...old buildings are so gorgeous and they sure don't make them the way they used too. Glad to hear they are saving that building. Love the pictures you took...great inspiration and design.

Love the business/credit card holder...beautiful flow. Yesiree, that pattern on the floor screams cuff bracelet...yummy!!

Congrats on the article...what fun and very deserving too!!!

Hope all is going well with you and yours! Sending a heartfelt hug your way...~Lisa