Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Official

Big Thank You Hug to my newest cyber-friend, Lisa. I was one of the ultra-lucky winners of her recent share-the-love giveaway. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful package and heartfelt note that arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. Here's the inspiration she has bestowed upon me.

Not only did I receive the promised gift of an art doll and cab face, but Lisa, in her kindhearted way, also sent along some amazing vintage goodies!

I have been putting off making an art doll for probably 2 years or so now. I promised myself I would finish my beaded beany baby "Twigs" before I attempted one. Well, you know what they say, promises are made to be broken, so who am I to break with that tradition?!

As soon as I held her, I was smitten. She fits right in the palm of my hand so perfectly. I immediately attached her lovely face and as soon as I did, I could here my little bare naked art babe whispering into my head - bead me. I couldn't resist. I knew exactly what she would become.

Now, wait, I have to back up a minute--included in my package from Lisa were some prints of poppies from her yard. Why poppies? Well, funny story about that. On her giveaway post was a picture of her poppies and I commented on how I also had poppies in my garden, until my neighbor 'helped' me weed one day while I was at work. She told me she got rid of that giant pricker push for me. Hmm, pricker push? Didn't quite know what she was talking about, but I thanked her and later that evening went out to check the beds. Then it hit me--the pricker bush, wasn't a pricker bush at all--it was my poppies! Oh, she felt soooo bad. I really truly wasn't mad. How could I be, poor girl was just trying to help a very pregnant friend. Ok, so now you can probably figure out what my art babe was telling me .....

So, it's official - I have beading A D D. I now have twigs, my life box, my Kiss cuff, earrings for my mom, and this purple cuff below all competing for my attention.

My guess is that Poppy is going to win. ;)


hla2425 said...


Hi There, I love the little doll!!!

Carol said...

The poppy baby is the perfect idea for your first doll. You are definitely the queen of multi tasking. I have projects that I quit because I went in another direction and haven't taken them apart yet, but I haven't learned to bead more than one project at a time YET.

dochoamom said...

Lynn, Poppy is beautiful. What a great idea... Love, Deb

Lynn said...

Thanks Ladies! If I could just stop staring at her sweet little face, she might actually get done before the snow flies :)

Plays with Needles said...

This post made me squeal with delight! When I first saw the little spirit doll supplies, I thought to myself..."Hmmm. I've always wanted to do one of those..." Then, I keep reading and see that you felt the same way and THEN to scroll down and see Poppy's face!!! Over the moon, my girl...

And all those projects just make for a terribly interesting Lynn...IMHO...can't wait to see Poppy again...

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Lynn!

First...forgive me for being away, but had to stay off the computer and complete some things or I'd never get done! are so welcome!!!

Poppy is absolutely beautiful! I adore the petals around her face!!! Is that flat peyote stitch? Her little face was so pretty to begin with, but look at her now! I can see a whole bouquet of flower faced dolls, Lynn!!! She is so SWEET!!!

Doesn't she feel wonderful in the hand and don't you love the weight as you bead along?!

I'm so glad you are having fun with her. She is going to be stunning when you are done!

I love that purple cuff and I'm looking forward to seeing the other pieces you are working on too... your beading is beautiful. ~Lisa

P.S. Don't you wish there was more time in a day?!! :)