Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iris Purse

Ironically, my newest iris bloom is similar in coloring to a purse I made a few years ago in an Iroquois raised beadwork class.

The freshwater pearls were meant to represent water droplets. The stem is made of porcupine quills, which are really neat to work with. You actually insert a very long, thin, needle right up through the center of the quill. A seed bead at the top and bottom of the quill prevents the thread from being cut by the sharp quill tips.

Here's the reverse side - just a bud.

Both the full bloom and the bud were beaded first on poster board covered in pellon, edged, and then sewn on like an applique.

Like every other purse I've made from a class, it's not very practical. I think I've used it only a few times. The wool felt from a distance looks just like leather. It's lined with a cotton print in the almost identical colors of the beadwork.

Here's my newest iris-I swear it smells like orange to me. Yum.


Carol said...

The purse and the Iris are beautiful. I love the fern frond. Perfection as always.

Plays with Needles said...

Love your iris Lynn! I wish I could smell it! And your purse is very cool...the porcupine quills make it even more so!

GraceBeading said...

Good lord that purse is beautiful, the beadwork is incredible. I've worked with porcupine quills, but that a good tip to know on how to attach them.

Shelley in SC said...

Hi, Lynn ~ ~ This is my first look at your beading. Stunning!! I can't wait to look around a little.

That rhubarb dessert sounds fabulous! How much sugar to how much rhubarb do you use before putting on the topping??

Must have some immediately!

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Lynn...I love your beautiful iris is just stunning and beautifully stitched! The quills look fantastic on it too.

Your iris is gorgeous and to smell like oranges...yummy!

Happy Stitching...~Lisa