Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well here I go off on a creative tangent.

I came across a golfing visor in the closet the other day. It has some healthcare-related logo on the front, but was a really nice khaki color.

Then my mom bestowed upon me the remainder of her bead stash (she wants to concentrate on paper arts and needed the room and I was more than happy to take them off her hands -- love ya mom!). Some of the beads were old necklaces that I remember her wearing back when I was a child and so they brought back some cool memories.

I was drawn to these beads in particular and thought they would look great as a beaded band for that khaki golf visor I had just found. So I hunted through my beads and picked a color story. You can see the edge of the visor in the upper left corner of the pic.

Emotionally, it was hard to cut the necklaces apart. (Now I know how my sister Laurel felt when she was dismantiling my grandmothers quilt to make our angels.)

I'm just putting on the larger focal areas - this jade monkey asked to be put on next - :) and then I'll add something else larger and then I'll be ready to fill in the background areas.

It is very windy here today. My husband had to go into work to clean up two pine trees that had come down in the wind. Very sad, they were over 40 feet tall. I worry about him being out there too. I wish he would wait for the wind to stop. I know a lot of the country is rebounding after intense weather and I hope everyone is getting through it safely. Around here it is very warm (59 degrees !) and rainy and now we are experiencing flooding from the 3 feet of snow we got last week. Our back yard was a virtual lake. Yesterday we took Kyah and Rocco to Royalton Ravine Park in Gasport, New York. We got stuck in a downpour, but it felt good to be outside in the woods. The creek at the bottom of the ravine was flowing hard and fast - I actually watched as a fairly good size tree was taken from the edge of the bank. Most of the snow was gone so hopefully the waters will begin to recede soon.


Carol said...

O we love to watch you create. You have so much imagination. You keep us all wondering what will come next. Can't wait to see this completed project.

Tracey N. said...

This is a really neat idea Lynn. If it doesnt move, bead it right? I will be watching to see what it turns out like. I am sure it will be beautiful.