Friday, December 26, 2008

The Bead Tree - Hide in Plain Sight

Ever not notice something that's been in your house for a really long time, and then all of a sudden see it in a different light? When looking for a place to hang my beaded golf ball, I finally settled on hanging it here:

And then after I hung it up, I 'saw' all the bracelets and other whatnots that I have hung up there and then sort of overlooked. I took some pictures and thought I would share them with everyone

This is a bracelet that just 'made itself' - I had no planned design and before I knew it this is what emerged. I originally made it for sale, but then I realized I had quite a few outfits that it just looked perfect with and I couldn't part with it.

A beaded tea .....ummmm, what's the word?....... I can't believe I can't think of know what you put loose tea in to brew it. Making this was so much fun that I immediately bought a mesh rice cooker and, what do you know, never beaded it! Maybe this year......

My Turtle Rocks bracelet. Each turtle is made with a small pebble inside. I have a rock collection addiction. I have all kinds of dishes filled with pebbles, seed pods, bark and other things that I find in the woods.

I am a newbie golfer. Just started playing 2 years ago, which living in Western New York, means I've been out golfing maybe 25-30 times in all. I don't even keep score. I could care less how many times it took me to get the ball in the hole, I just love being on the course with my mom and girlfriends with everyone encouraging each other and sharing a few laughs along the way. OK, maybe more than a few laughs!!

This is one of the very first beaded projects I made. It was from a Bead and Button issue and I was so amazed that I was able to make it simply by following the instructions. It's a herringbone stitch with a spiral twist. I hate the colors, but it was what I had on hand and I never really thought I would be able to make it. I did wind up making another black, silver, and turquoise color that is very dramatic.

A Life Bracelet class. This class I loved. We were to bring small charms and beads to class and then we embellished our bracelets with our personal totems.

Some significant things in this pic are the kewpie doll: (I obviously don't know how to spell that!) signifying my love of babies (I am known as the baby hog at the office); the bee charm: a gift from my friend Stephanie and also symbolic of my mantra "Be"- whenever I see a bee, I always remind myself to just "be". Be what? you ask. Anything. Whatever pops into your head at that moment. I always start with Be Grateful. Be What You Are. Be Happy; the fish charm: for my love (aka my husband), not only is he a Pisces but he also loves to fish; the little green leaf paper bead: made by Ugandan women and available through Bead for Life, please take the time to support this group if you are able to.

The flower you see at the top of the pic is a 2-tiered flower. The solid pink petals are tacked to the base, but the top four petals (tipped in metallic beads) are a whole separate piece that is held in place by the large center bead. It's a really neat effect.

Another Bead and Button project. I think it was called a fuschia pattern.

Guarding over it all is a cute little doll made by the children of the Tuscarora Indian Nation.



Tracey N. said...

This is so neat Lynn! I love the story you tell and what all the beads on your bracelet represent. I think its nice that you display your accomplishments like that! Even when you dont love the colors you used or how things turn out, the fact is you accomplished something! Its all a learning experience ismt it?

Penny said...

Thanks for sharing this with us -- I loved to hear the story of each piece. Its nice to keep a history of our work. Also going back to the previous post - I'd like to borrow your idea for the shot glasses, I would never have thought of that and they are just the right size.

Carol said...

Lynn, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. What a great teacher you would be.