Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just Goofing Around

Rather than be productive, I spent my Sunday morning playing.

I made a video of my peach flower which was altered by using a kaleidoscope program. It took a really long time to load up, so I'm not sure if it will come over or not. And it looks a bit blurry. If you can't read the credits, the program is it's so cool - check it out! But with a word of caution - it's highly addictive.

And the picture on my title is of the butterfly I made which is now living at Tracey's home, also altered by the same program.


pam T said...

Gee, speaking of awesome beading - why haven't I seen your blog until now? Love your work! Thank you for your kind comments on mine!

Lynn said...

Pam, thanks dear! I'm so happy I've found you too!

GraceBeading said...

Love it!