Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getting Started

After procrastinating a few days, I have finally started working on a wallet for my hairdresser, Renee. Once the pattern is cut and the pieces assembled, then I finally get to start the embellishing!

I began with the pockets that will hold her credit cards and such. The beads are from ArtGems, Inc. and I just love the colors. The darker beads are called fancy grey color lined gold AB. I am assuming the AB refers to aurora borealis finish, but they really don't have the purple-y blue typical AB look. They are just beautiful. I accented with a fancy topaz color lined beige (also from Art Gems) and then edged the pocket in a metallic gold bead I picked up from the Historical Society here in Lockport.

All my wallets and coin purses have a vintage coin. Renee's features a regal looking lion and is dated 1950. Looks like it has Russian letters, but I really don't know where it originated from. I have it surrounded in peyote stitch and now I am finishing that off with the sunburst pattern using grey faceted rounds (I think 8 mm) and really pretty Miyuki beads from Joggles in 11 and 15.

Although these wallets make up so beautifully, they are somewhat limiting to me, since everything that goes on them has to be able to withstand being in a purse. That means no fun stacks or fringes or larger beads that stick up. Bummer.
You can click on these pics to get a close up view. I realized that if I crop the picture before I post, you can't zoom in (at least I think that's the reason). So I purposely didn't crop any of these. If anyone can determine the origin of the coin, I would love it if you would let me know.


Tracey N. said...

Your wallets are so pretty Lynn! She will love it I am sure. Cant wait to see it finished. Hugs!

dochoamom said...

Hi Lynn, Hope your Thankgiving was wonderful. The wallet is coming along nicely. You do such beautiful work. The coin is great...