Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Ok, so back to March's BJP.  As I was saying, March was crazy windy and my emotional balance was a bit weak, so I chose my mantra for March to Bee Strong

Fine.  You're right.  Its B O R I N G.  but at least its done!

April brought a ton of responsiblity.  I bought my house and had a lot on my plate.  I'm still eating, so to speak.  April BJP is far from finished, but its not because I've lost interest.  Just busy Bee-ing RESPONSIBLE.
Unlike some of the other house inhabitants -

Their only responsiblity seems to be bird and chipmunk watching.  Which, I admit, I do a fair amount of myself! 

or napping -

Which I DO NOT do! 

I have made some progress on the Mystery Lace Sampler though that I am working on with the Amherst Museum Lace Guild. 

Romanian Needle Lace

Bobbin Lace Snail

Limerick Lace - impossible for me!  Its all wrong.....but I'm leaving it

Needle Lace Tulip

Guess where the tulip belongs :)

I might have already shown you my entry for the Lace Guild's shoe contest - I called it Snake Skin Shoe.  

Hopefully tonight I will be able to ignore this drawer that really needs to be organized

and instead I'll hide in my studio....and Bead

Bead Happy and Often!

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Robbie said...

I'm so impressed with the lace work!!! I've always been impressed with your beading...but the lace is wonderful!! Sounds like you are in a 'happy place'! Wonderful for you!!!