Friday, January 6, 2012

BJP 2012

I've just spent the past bit of time going through the 2012 Bead Journal Project Blog.  One Word:  WOW 

My jaw hurts from hitting the keyboard everytime I land in a fellow beader's blog and see the most amazing art pieces. 

I am so excited to bead my way through 2012.  Beading has brought me so much peace over the years.  There is just something so meditative (and addictive) to it. 

I learned so much about myself this past year being involved in the Bead Journal Project as I beaded my way through memories of places I had been.   And now every time I look at my fridge and see those magnets hanging there, I smile.  What a great ride my life has been so far.  And yeah, things have pretty much sucked in the past few years, but when I look back at my whole life - I can't complain.  The good times definitely have outweighed the bad. 

So now, on to the 2012 BJP.     I've decided to concentrate on BE-ing. 

Say what?

Let me explain.  Years ago, I came across a little sticker that said Be What You Are.   I've had it hanging on my fridge ever since. And I started to think.  What am I, exactly?  or better yet, what do I WANT to be?  I want to Be. . .

. . . grateful
. . . happy
. . . kind
. . . giving
. . . the best I can be
. . . compassionate
. . . responsible
. . . sweet
. . . strong
. . . aware
. . . forgiving
. . . love

So my BJP will be 12 funky flowers.  Each one representing what I strive to "Be"   I want to play around with thread embroidery, so the center of each flower will have the focus word and some sort of stitching. 

I'm going to make them  magnets (again).  I have a steel door in my place and they are going to look really great on it.  Plus it will be a reminder to me as I head out the door,  to just ~ Be ~ 

 Of course, what flower garden would be complete with a Bee? 

So, I am also going to make a bee magnet and her wings will have the letter "B" on one and "E" on the other.  She will be my official BE Bee. 

I have my January flower complete and have started on the Bee.  I'll post pics tomorrow.  I always bead in the early morning (before dawn) and am home after dark, so I haven't had the chance to take their pictures in natural light.   Photo shoot tomorrow!  Oh.....that reminds me - I've got Project Runway Allstars waiting for me on my DVR.....

Bead Happy and Often !

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sounds like an exciting year coming up beadwise--I'll be here to ooh and ahhh!