Sunday, July 24, 2011

BJP July 2011 - Nevada

We interrupt the regularly scheduled State Quarter to announce that a new state has joined the journal--NEVADA......

I didn't even think about the fact that I have been to a new state this year until I was fishing for loose change in the bottom of my purse and I pulled out the Nevada state quarter.  With the inspiration still fresh in my mind, I knew exactly what I would bead.  I know, I know, I promised myself I would pull a quarter from my little jar without prejudice and go with whatever came to mind, but really, I just had to break my own rule.  This piece was just screaming to be made!

Although jetskiing on Lake Mohave in Nevada was one of (many) highlights of my trip, this magnet would not be about that.  Oh no, it could only be about this:

 The Chandelier Lounge in the Cosmopolitan resort in Vegas.  I was (am) in love with this place.  

 Being inside was literally like sitting inside a 3-story chandelier.  It was beyond amazing. 

I don't know who came up with the design, but they should get an award.  Patrick and I stopped in just for one drink, and wound up spending the whole evening there - only left when they told us they were closing for the night.   I could have moved in and lived there.

I don't have any pictures from inside, the night we were there I (surprisingly!) did not have my camera with me.  But trust me, the inside was even more spectacular than the outside.

I hunted my stash and pulled out all the crystal swarovski and clear beads I could find.  I fringed

and looped

and draped my way around the circle.

Looking at this month's piece takes me right back to Vegas  . . . .  and wanting a margarita surrounded by crystals and the company of my favorite cousin.  ~sigh~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

June BJP 2011 - Kentucky

 June's Journey takes me back to Kentucky and the Mammoth Caves.  I must have been around 12 years old and had no idea what a cave was and why in the world we would be going to see it. 

It was crazy hot during our visit and even as a kid, I didn't like the heat.  I couldn't imagine being in a hot cave!  But then our tour guide explained how the caves were discovered.
A field of Kentucky blue grass
A farmer noticed his cows lingering in this one area out in the field on a hot day and went out to investigate.   There he discovered the cows had congregated around an open hole in the earth from which cold air was pouring.  The farmer went down into the hole and viola - the Mammoth Caves were discovered.  Well, at least that's the story I remember from my youth.    The promise of escaping the heat was all I needed to hear - let's get in that cave already!

Entering the coolness of the cave
Not only was the cave cool and dark, it was beyond amazing.  Unlike anything I had ever seen and I was completely in awe of the formations of the ever changing rocks. (Now that I think of it, this is probably where the rock addiction started.)
Stalagtites or Stalagmites?
Depends on which way you hold it, I guess

A storm rolls in
 While we were there, it was my birthday and a huge violent thunderstorm came through the afternoon of my birthday and knocked out the power in the entire area.   We were supposed to go to dinner for my birthday at a particular restaurant (don't remember the name).  I remember we drove for what seemed like hours to find  another one of that particular restaurant.  We passed all these places with power and I was so annoyed why we just couldn't go to one of those to eat.  But my parents drove on and on and on looking for that specific place to eat.  Finally we found one!  And at the end of the meal when they brought out a cake and everyone in the place sang Happy Birthday to me, I knew then why we had to eat there.  They celebrated birthdays.  
June BJP 2011

So now I'm half way through this little journal/journey project.  I can't believe the emotions and memories I've encountered along the way.  And everytime I look at my journeys displayed along my refrigerator, I smile.    Life is Good.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Long Time No See

Good Golly Miss Molly - time sure does fly!  Have done very little beading these days.  Instead I've been:

Hiking through a bog in New York

Climbing rocks in Arizona

Hiking up a crystal clear creek in Arizona

Traipsing around Vegas

Watching my beautiful daughter and her adorable boyfriend go to prom

and then watch her graduate

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Selling my house (eek)

and yes, a little bit of beading on my June BJP.  More on that soon, I hope.....
and I hope to get some time soon to visit all my blogfriends!  I miss you all (and your fabulous beading) terribly!