Monday, May 16, 2011

The Life of Lynn

Just thought I'd take a second here and fill you all  in on the personal non-beady side of me.  Thanks to my blog friends for making me feel loved and cared about!  It is so nice to know that just because I don't have the chance to blog as much as I used too, you girls haven't forgotten about me!  ~hugs~
Hannah and Laurel
Botanical Gardens, Buffalo, NY
Hannah is continuing to do well (although there is still a bit of teenage drama, of course) 86.43 grade point average and great comments from her teachers on her latest report card. 
"Is a pleasure to have in class" 
"Has an excellent attitude in class and shows outstanding interest" 
"Is cooperative and attentive in class" 
"Takes an active part in class" 

My "new" (aka used, but new to me) Toyota Matrix is still a blast to drive and consistently gets 31-34 mpg. 

Spring has finally arrived in Western New York and my garden is bursting with new life.
Yippee!!!!  well, ok, so its been raining all spring--I still am loving how GREEN everything is!  Just to see leaves again, sigh,  its all good.

And the biggest Yippee!!!! of all to report:


Yeah, that's a huge YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! 

After doing my BJP for April, I really could not get him (or those canyons) out of mind.  All it took was one email in which he said "why don't you come out west girl?"  I booked my flight before I even let myself think about it.  I didn't dare, because if I would have thought about the million of reasons why NOT to go, I wouldn't be going.

So in just 4 short weeks I'll be looking at this:
Schnebly Hill Road
I had to promise to wash Patrick's truck afterward (its a really rough primitive road, to say the least), but that will be a small price to pay!  Heck I'll even wax it !

~ Bead Happy and Often ~


Plays with Needles said...

Hi Lynn! I'm so glad life is treating you well! The pictures of you and Hannah is wonderful and it's great to hear she's doing well in makes all your effort worthwhile, doesn't it? Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures!!!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I am so happy that Hannah is happier in her new school. Spring has done wonders for me too, although it has been and plans to rain for several more days here.

Vacation with your cousin sounds wonderful--I love the southwest--the rocks, colors, and inspiration! Will be looking forward to plenty of photos and bead projects!

Robbie said...

So glad Hannah is doing so well and GOOD FOR YOU, Lynn!! It's time to take some 'time' for yourself!! I'm really happy for you!!!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

O M G ! ! ! where in arizona will you be? are you going to be a hop skip from me in scottsdale/phoenix???!!! so glad things are on track for hannah and that she's doing well in school.

Beadwright said...

Hey Lynn you sound happy. I am glad Hannah is doing so well and that you get to go to AZ. My heart lives there. LOL
Have a great day

The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

Thanks for the update, I was thinking of you the other day and thought I'd ask. Everything sounds and looks lovely. Have a great trip!
Analisa in Dubai