Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuscarora Tuesday

So much to see in this case!
Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Clicking on the pictures should bring you even closer.
 I could study them for hours!
Almost didn't see the little strawberry tucked in here!
So sweet they are!

Speaking of Sweet -- today is Hannah's Sweet 16! 

We celebrated by going to The Chocolate Bar, of course!
Hannah, Pete, Meghan


Lindsay said...

What exactly is the Chocolate Bar?! I am having serious cravings now. I'm googling the Chocolate Bar.

Beadwright said...

OK not fair going to the Chocolate bar with out us. LOL
Looks like a good time

Carol said...

Nice Birthday Celebration!!

These little hearts are my favs so far. Maybe because of the birds. Such an easy design!

These pieces really got me thinking about how such a simply handworked piece has been passed down and saved over the years. The creator's legacy, so to speak.

I wonder what will happen to MY work years from now. Will it be saved and cherished as I have saved my mother's embroidery and crochet and my grandmother's doilies.

My daughter has no interest in the needlearts. How sad for me that I have not had anyone to pass my knowledge to.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So many ideas are swimming around in my head after seeing all the different Tuscorora bead work.

Happy 16th to Hannah! I don't know the Chocolate Bar either, but anything with chocolate in it can't be bad!