Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuscarora Tuesday

These boots were made for walkin'
and that's just what they'll do,
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you......

I was a young girl when that song came out.  I think it was sung by Nancy Sinatra, is that right? I remember loving it.  The beat was funky and although I was too young to really "get" what the lyrics were about, I do recall thinking that was one girl no one was going to mess with.  And I have a vague memory of seeing her on TV wearing a minidress (red?) with these kick-ass high heeled white boots.  Fun Fun Fun.  Nothing like a pair of go-go boots!  Oh anywhooooo, let's get back to the beads, shall we?

These here have an extra cuff along the top that is separate from the base.  They were meant to be used as a portable sewing caddy.  You slid your scissors behind the cuff so the tips stuck out through the bottom and the back stuffed area held your pins.  How many people do you think actually used them for that purpose?  I'm thinking not many.
I like the colored centers used in this piece above.
And this tulip motif below is very sweet!

Here's a Tuscarora style sewing caddy that I made back in 2005 - geez, 5 years ago??! 
I would have never thought it was that long ago. 

This piece is pretty big.  About 12" tall and 6 1/2" wide. 
And no, I've never used it as a sewing caddy!
It was designed by Rosemary Hill and it was the neatest class.  She held the class in her house, so we were all invited to look around and see all her fabulous beadwork.  She even had squares of beadwork placed in the corners of her doorframes throughout the house - it was amazing, to say the least!

 Bead Happy and Often


Lindsay said...

These are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! I love the birds on yours. So sweet!

Bellesanbeaus said...

Haha...a blast from our past...I also remember loving that Nancy Sinatra song and so remember seeing her sing it on Ed Sullivan show with her bad-go-go-boots!!!! These pieces are stunning and I so love yours....don't think I could ever use it either!!! I understand why the lady had beadwork all over..it's so pretty I would too! Have an awesome day sweetie! Thanks for sharing these

Stacy Olson said...

Thanks for posting your beading designs. I love reading your blog very much.

Check out this complete beading Ebook. I posted a link to this great Ebook I bought a few weeks back and I just love it

Robbie said...

Love seeing these pieces..they are each so beautiful in their own right aren' they! You piece from 2005 is a 'wow' one too!!! Very nice job Lynn.

Pursuing Art... said...

I, too, remember singing that song and seeing Nancy Sinatra sing it with those white go-go boots on and minidress or skirt! :)

I didn't know that the boot on these pieces had an extra cuff along the top and meant to be used as a sewing caddy! They are each so unique and pretty.

Your sewing caddy piece is lovely...I especially love the birds! How lucky that you can take classes with her...what a treat.