Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Mix of Beady Things

Hello there!  Here's a few unrelated things I've been working on - sort of mimics my life.  little bit of this, little bit of that, not much sense to it all.....

I did finish a bracelet using the Color Swirls pattern in the latest issue of Beadwork Magazine.  I added baby 3 mm swarovski crystals to the edge and filled the centers too.  The last circle I left open and made a peyote toggle bar as the clasp.  No pics of the finished piece, but you get the picture, right?  Not super happy with the way it turned out, but I understand what the problem is-all the beads I used were slightly different sizes; the silver are more squarish, the black are too small.  Live and learn. 

Moving on to another bracelet; this one is for Hannah's friend, Kayleigh.  She picked out the colors and the pattern (from the June 2004 issue of Bead & Button Magazine - does anyone else hoard old issues of magazines, or is it just me?)

And since we're on the subject of bracelets, here's one for my sister, Laurel:
Ok, so its not quite a bracelet yet, but it will be someday soon.  After taking it apart 100 times, I've decided to join the circles with a tiny beaded bead.  I only have one made so far, but the rest should come together quickly, as long as my eyes cooperate.  Working with 3mm bicones and size 15 seeds in this color makes me a little buggy!  And what a shame they aren't very photogenic.  It's really gorgeous in person. 

I don't know if this is just a phenomenon in my house, but pens tend to vanish into thin air.  So I made myself a little peyote pen holder for a journal my sister Laurel gave me for Christmas.  I used the delica beads she brought me back from Boston and some teensy weensy 2 mm swarovski crystals as an accent. 

 I made a herringbone (I think) chain and stitched it to the binding of the book.  Now, if only I could rig some sort of alarm to trigger if someone other than myself takes the pen out....

This wonderful blog community made it a good mail day yesterday.  Not only did I get a present of these fabulous pearls from Nicole, which I absolutely love.......

I also got my blog book! 

Had it not been for Susan posting about getting her blog published, I would have had no clue such a thing was possible. 
 I am thrilled with the quality of this book.  It exceeded all my expectations.  And talk about simple and quick to do - I think it took me less than 5 minutes to order, and I got the book a week later.    If you're interested, here's the link to the site I ordered from.

So a big shout out of gratitude to both Nicole and Susan for spreading the blog love! 

Bead Happy and often!


Bellesanbeaus said...

oh your beady things are always so beautiful and inspiring! and as for your book...did you get copies and when can i expect mine to arrive???? lol Well done sweetie! big hugs beth

Robbie said...

Well, girl! you have been busy!! Love all the beading..and I do like the spirals..doesn't look bad to me with the different size beads! Your pen holder worked out great! Yep, you better put some type of alarm on this! It will be gone quickly! I tired making my blog book but kept getting an error..finally figured it out (setting had to be changed on my blog) so now I can go back! that's why I started to blog! so I didn't have to write in my journals everyday! thanks again for sharing all your beautiful beading!!

Kate said...

I love that first bracelet Lynn, I don't see the problems you see, maybe that is good? :) It reminds me of swirling skies like in Van Gogh's paintings.

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Gorgeous beading. I love the movement in the swirls and that bracelet you made for your sister is rather special too!

Thanks for the details on printing your blog... what a fantastic way to have a keepsake of our blogs. I might check to see if there is a company within Australia that does this too!


Lindsay said...

I absolutely disagree with you- the bracelet you made for your sister looks amazing in the photo!!! I love it. And the blog-book is so cool; I'd never heard of such a thing.

Plays with Needles said...

Ok. Could you please tell me the colors and pattern for your sisters bracelet that is in pieces right now? I would LOVE to make that bracelet.

SO glad you loved your book. I love mine too and they're worth every penny.

Keep beading beautiful things! Oh, and I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the boots on Tuesday! You REALLY did see a TON of beading that lecture day, didn't you?? kisses, Susan

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful bracelets...each one of them! I love the swirls in the first one, I'm sure Kayleigh is going to love the bracelet you made her and the one for your sister looks stunning. I look forward to seeing it complete...she is going to love it! Yep, hold onto all my beading magazines, knitting, etc.

Love the pen you made...great idea! Smiled over your thoughts on wishing for an alarm...:)

I remember hearing about publishing your blog as a book. How fun that you did it! What a treasure...I bet it is beautiful!