Tuesday, June 15, 2010

break my heart

I get a phone call from Meghan last night.  She is all upset telling me this story of how she and her friend Sarah were driving down Lockport Road (4 lanes - 55 mph) and she sees some guys standing along the side of the road and there is like a jacket in the roadway near them.  The one guy looks at Meg and shrugs his shoulders and puts his hands up in a "oh well" kind of gesture.  Meghan looks back at the object in the road and swears she sees a cat in the jacket or whatever it was.  No Way! 

They get to a spot where they can turn around and by the time they get back, the guys are gone, but the object is still in the road and even worse as they are pulling into a driveway to get out of traffic, a car comes within inches of running it over.  Sure enough, a cat scrambles out to the side of the road and crawls into a nearby shrub.  Meghan tells me she thinks it is paralyzed or something because it was literally crawling with its front legs only.  Oh my GOD! 

I go flying to my car; pet carrier, treats and water in hand.  I get to the girls and find the poor cat in the bushes, panting, cross eyed, salivating.  Poor little lovey.  I soothe it the best I can, trying to gain its trust.  I slide it gently out from under the shrub and realize she is a female who might have just given birth.  After making her as comfortable as we can in the carrier, we go back across the road to where the girls saw these assholes and looked all over for her kittens.  Nothing.   Drat.

I called my vet and of course they were closed, so I will try again this morning.  There is definitely something very wrong with her hind legs.  I watched her try to move around and there is no movement in her back legs.  She made it through the night and actually growled at me when I tried to pet her this morning, so she must be feeling better.   I'm not real optimistic on what the vet will be telling me.

I cannot get my head around what type of person does this to an animal.  It makes me sick.

Update:  my vet did indeed confirm my fears.  Spinal damage.  She isn't suffering any more.  But I still am.  Mean People Suck.


Bellesanbeaus said...

Ohhhh Miss Lynn...how awful! She looks like such a sweetie too...poor lil thing. I personally don't have any house-babies, only because with the grandson I didn't know about allergies for him and now that he big enuf to pull tails didn't think it fair to a pet to subject it to that till baby could understand hwo to treat pet nicely. Even so I could not just shrug my shoulders and left! You have a wonderful heart to bring this poor thing home and comfort it. Hoping the vet can help her. Sending you both big hugs Beth

Joyce said...

poor thing!

Robbie said...

Oh my gosh...SO sad!!! Such JERKS!!! How can people be so cruel!! At least, she's not suffering as you said..and think how much she would have suffered if you hadn't picked her up and taken her in..

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Oh that is very sad. I guess some people worry more about how much it will cost them to take the animal to a vet than the animal itself... you hope these awful people don't have pets of their own.


Plays with Needles said...

Such evil in the world. jerks.

Whimsical Creations said...

Just heartbreaking.