Monday, May 3, 2010

Sadness and .....Happiness

Well, I have to admit, I was quite sad to know my desk set had been sold off to someone.


Will they like it?

Use it?

Will they really look at it?

Study the stitches?

Find all the different beads used?

I know that the point of this whole thing is to raise money for colon cancer research, but I can't help feeling a bit of anxiety over the fate of my set. After putting in so much effort and thought into something, its hard for me to let it go.

I am happy to say all my fears were unfounded. I got an email this morning from the winning bidder - and I couldn't be happier! Susan from Plays with Needles was the high bidder! If you don't know Susan yet, wait until you see her amazing needlework - beyond description. To think that my set will be in her hands is so comforting. So hop on over to see her blog and be prepared to drool....................Thanks Susan!


Carol said...

Hi Lynn
I know Susan well. As you and I both know, she appreciates hand worked art, so we know she will cherish your set.

Congratulations on the sale and knowing who the lucky recipient is!
xx, Carol

Gypsy said...

It went to someone who will truly appreciate it!! How wonderful is that?!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It does the heart good to know your beautiful desk set will be cherished.

Bellesanbeaus said...

Your desk set was lovely and I just joined the winners blog...thanks for the link and congrats to Susan! big hugs beth

coral-seas said...

I have just found your blog via a link from Susan on a post about how much she wanted this desk set. It already has pride of place on her desk and the picture frame is now home to a picture of her two cheerished men. Could it be in better hands (other than yours).

Right, I think I may be here some time back reading your blog, I already know that I'm going to love your beading.