Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mean People

Oh for heavens sake! Some evil-minded twit hacked into my email and sent a spam message to everyone in my address book. So my apologies to everyone who received a message "from me" with the subject line of Dear Sir/Madam -

Hopefully you would recognize the fact that "Sir" and "Madam" are not how I address my friends!

Bead Happy and Often!!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

LOL! I did get that, but it went to my spam folder. At first I said why is yahoo sending beadingheart to my spam...then I realized that it was not really from you. Oh boy, what idiots!

Bellesanbeaus said...

I got it worries...mean people just seem to happen. Sorry this happened to you...did think it funny you would call me "dear Mam or Sir!!!! lol Maybe they got an education on beading and are now happily buying beads some where! Big hugs to you...Beth

Jewelry By Jessica said...

lol I got one too, but I was like I know this can't be from her lol. So I deleted it ^_^ Thanks for letting us know it really wasn't from you lol.

Beadwright said...

I think I got one too. It amazes me that some people have nothing better to do than to make it hard for others.
Shame on them. Ohh I forgot there is not shame for them.