Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keeping the love flowing

I had 2 small porcelain heart beads as part of my Artbeads Valentine promo. Naturally, I thought a pair of earrings would be perfect, but as you know, earrings are my least favorite to make. I love the gigantic rings that are popular now. Hmm, why not try a bead embroidered ring!
I backed it in ultrasuede and then attached a peyote stitched band with random colors mixed in for fun.
Oh yes indeed, definitely going to be making more of these! Too fun to make and it matches my turtle love necklace quite well. The bright colors are just what I needed on such a blustery wintery day as today.
On a more subdued color scale, I made a very feminine looking necklace with the wooden laser cut pendant. It drapes really nice when it's on, but you'll have to take my word for it. Nobody here would model it for me for so I could take a picture of it in action.

The clasp is a really sweet puffed sterling silver heart available through Artbeads. It's very secure. The size 11 beads are those awesome matte jet apollo that I had gotten awhile back (they are the same as what I used on the box in my banner, in case you couldn't tell). And the 3 mm faceted rounds are a pearlized champagne color (also available from Artbeads) that I happened to have from an old project too. Those crystal drops are 16mm Swarovski baroque pendants (again, available through Artbeads) that I originally had bought for my Marcia Decoster Whitby earrings that I didn't use. Well I guess that just makes it a total Artbeads piece!
Fine Print: I received the porcelain heart beads, laser cut pendant and sterling silver heart clasp at no charge from Artbeads as part of their blogging partners program.


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

what a fun ring! yes, it does go with your cute little turtle. i was just looking at those wood pendants last night. are they as cool in person as they look on the screen? some good stuff here! :)

isabella said...

gorgeous ring!!

Carol said...

What a cute idea...bead embroidering a ring. You are going to get a ton of compliments on it!

Tammie Lee said...

oh my goodness, your art is so wonderful!

Pollen Blossom said...


Are you selling this ring? i looked for it on your etsy but it was not there.

Pursuing Art... said...

What a cool ring!! It matches your turtle love necklace perfectly! I bet your girls love it.

Love what you did with the pendant. The necklace is so pretty!!!

Good grief you have been beading up a put me to shame, girl! ~wink~ Keep up the beautiful work!!! ~Lisa

Pursuing Art... said...

P.S. Not commenting on OWOH post...not fair because I'm not in this year! But I wanted you to know that I love your post-it-note holder! CLEVER idea and beautiful beading! Hope you are having fun on the magic carpet ride! ;-)

A Loopie Family said...

beautiful work~! SO talented!

Plays with Needles said...

oh the LOVE is flowing alright, baby! Because I am LOVING that ring! The whole design is so happy -- it turned out great! I would wear it everywhere!~!