Monday, January 4, 2010


After pouring over the projects in Marcia DeCoster's book Beaded Opulence, I settled on 3 projects that I wanted to start with on my right-angle-weave-learning journey. First up was a ring pattern called "Quetzal". I know its far from perfect -

-but its good enough for my daughters to be fighting over who gets to wear it and my daughter's girlfriend has asked me to make her one too.

Then I tried a bracelet called "Terracita" (what is with these names??!). I LOVE love LOVE this bracelet. The one in the book is all blues/violets and was hard to pick out the pattern, so I wasn't real clear on what the design was going to look like, but when I made it in these earth tones, the pattern really popped!
I loved it so much, I made a pair of earrings to go with it.

The last project on my short list was Whitby (finally, a semi-normal name - well, at least I could spell it without having to look it up again)-- an earring pattern. But, I haven't taken pics of those yet. (blame it on my new Wii or that darned knitting addiction.......)

Speaking of crystals~~we finally got a beautiful snowfall this weekend, blanketing everything in sight. No wind, just a steady fluffy ultra light snow. I love how it stacked up on the rose of sharon seed pods.Ahh, winter in western New York - beautiful!


Tracey N. said...

Wow Lynn, these projects are gorgeous! I love the earth tones you chose for the bracelet. I think you are turning into the earring queen!

Carol said...

Beautiful beading Lynn. I have been thinking of buying it so it was good to know that you liked it so well.

Joan said...

Yes, wasn't that the most wonderful snowfall? I don't remember ever seeing such fluffy, light, happy snow before. And I love the bracelet and earrings.

Lynn said...

Happy Snow! That's it!! I will always call that kind of snow "Happy Snow" :)

Thanks Ladies - I would recommend this book 100% -- I love it!

Pursuing Art... said...

Absolutly beautiful! Smiled that the girls are fighting over who gets to wear the ring and that one of their friends would like you to make her one too...that's a good sign!

Love the bracelet and earrings...absolutely gorgeous.

Fun snow picture...I just love it when it snows! ;-)