Sunday, September 20, 2009

The "JOYS" of Kittenhood

Well my sweetie is growing by leaps and bounds and he is now big (and smart) enough to figure but how to work his way up to my very crowded work table.

He is less than graceful and plowed over a photo on which I had hung a glass ornament my sister Laurel made me. Rats! It was filled with oh, let's see, perhaps, a million sequins and beads that were strewn on the table, the windowsill behind the table and the floor.

So much for getting any beading (or knitting) done today. Looks like its time to clean off the table. Which, truthfully, really needed it.

But I still love him - he's irresitible. And he is still nameless. What is up with that??! Meghan has started to call him Monty. I think that might be it.....for now. Here he is keeping an eye on what Meghan is doing on the computer.

We have another beautiful weather day on store for us here in Western New York. It has been a fantastic September. Today we are going to explore a long-neglected architectural masterpiece down in Buffalo-The Central Terminal. I'm really looking forward to it.

Regardless of what the weather holds in store for you, I hope you all get the chance to spend some time outdoors today. Enjoy!


Carol said...

Monty seems like he is a cat with lots of character and personality. Bet he keeps you amused and entertained.

pam T said...

Monty is ADORABLE! Loved the video. My daughter and I now want another kitty!!!!! yes, even though kitties tend to make messes and "ruin" things....

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh no...not fun cleaning up a million sequins and beads! ;-)

I'm glad you still love him though. I can see why he's so irresistible, he's just SO CUTE!!!

Love the fun video! What a precious bundle of joy... ~Lisa