Monday, May 25, 2009

Life Box musings

Thanks to Bobbi for putting me on the right path with my life box. Her comment on my last life box post got me thinking that I needed to actually 'plan' the design of this box. As I was walking to work that day, I realized I wanted the box (at least in part) to represent the love and respect I have for nature.

How I'm going to accomplish this; not sure. But I have faith it will work out.

(The pics are really bad, but I really wasn't planning on documenting anything, but I was in the moment, and didn't want to lose the ideas that were running through my brain)

Here are all the side pieces lay out end-to-end. (the above picture is the close up of the only section I have completed so far)

First I'm thinking the sides of the box will represent the land, water, and sky elements. I figure the leaves I've already started will be part of the sky elements, which will wrap around to the front of the box where butterflies will drift on the breezes, leading into a star studded sky. On the other side of the box, the water element will be represented as the turtles make their way toward dry land where they encounter a sweet little bunny.

Then for the top I really wanted to do a large tree and put all my 'stuff' among the branches. But then I just started playing and came up with this design.

I love flowers, so I think I'm going to save my tree idea for another piece (maybe that collar I keep toying with making.....) and make the top 'flowery'.

The right side flowers will be dripping fringe and loop-y things, because I love fringe and I thought it would be a fun element.

The coins will probably turn into a vine, with the coins being the flowers on the vine and the flattened penny being a large leaf.

Can you see that bee up in the left corner? I just love him - he's a pin I got from Anima Designs (cool stuff, you should check out that site when you get the chance)

Sabre's old ID tag will be the 'knob' since I'm going to mount it so one half will set off the top edge of the lid.

I love this design for the top flower. The coin actually has a hole through the center, so I'm using this bone I found on the beach along Lake Ontario as the center anchor. There is also another weird bone I found on the top of the box too, next to the golf tee.

I have no idea yet how I will fill in the background. I'm sure it will just evolve as I work.

Now I'm ready to go.

I feel so much better with a plan to follow.

Hmm, kind of like life.



beadbabe49 said...

I love your plan for this life box...and the room you've left for improvisational inspiration as you go!

Plays with Needles said...

The personalized pieces of ephemera on this life box are just wonderful...I believe it will be stunning...I too love the coin flower and the part that you've beaded so far is superb...Can't wait to see what's next...

Carol said...

Its going to be fun to watch this project develope. The little trinkets of your life that you are incorporating are perfect.

GraceBeading said...

Oh Lynn... it's so nice to catch up on your blog. Your breathtaking bead work is always so very inspiring to me, this piece is no exception. It's absolutely beautiful so far - I'm looking forward to seeing it completed