Friday, May 15, 2009

I love my mom!

It's so great to have my mom and dad still living in the area. A lot of Western New Yorkers tend to retire to warmer climates and my parents did indeed contemplate such a move, but in the end, decided to stay close by.

Anyhow, my mom is very creative and fun and for mother's day gave me and my two sisters the coolest boxes (you know how I love boxes). In the chaos of the day, I didn't photograph my sisters' boxes, but trust me -- they are just as nifty.

My mom had them all wrapped up beautifully and we were able to choose whichever package we wanted. My sister Lisa joked about how would we know we are picking the 'right' one. My dad told her as long as its got the right initial on it, it was the right one. Ok, none of us "got" what he was talking about.....until we opened them and saw each box had our initial on it. Duh, hello! All of our names begin with "L" so no matter which box we chose, it had the right initial on it! Too Funny!!!

I filled mine with all sorts of momentos - concert ticket stubs, some old letters, a tiny little gingko tree leaf I picked up on my daily walk to work, a few photos. I'm planning on adding to it throughout the year and then on Mother's Day next year go through and see what's in it.

I just had to share with you all my 'squirrel proof' feeder. I just hope he (she?) doesn't eat so much he gets stuck inside one of these times! I never see him get in or out. I am shocked he can squeeze himself through the openings. Even the bottom is caged in. Cheeky little devil!


dochoamom said...

I expected to see a comment from Carol on this one... her squirrel battles...

Love the boxes Lynn.. your mom is very creative... and that must be where you get it from...

Have a great weekend...

Love, Deb

Carol said...

Thank you Lynn!! When I scrolled down and saw that "Sqirrel Proof Feeder" I laughed so hard and loud that everyone in the house had to see what was so funny. Thanks for the laugh.

My seed guy says a squirrel can get into just about anything and they are smart. It takes them a little while to figure it out, but then they remember.

Your boxes were such a nice idea. Hope you show us what you collected next Mother's Day.