Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Toys

Last week, had a great $1 sale. I just tooled around through the bargains, and pick and chose what struck my fancy. No real rhyme or reason to the selection, but I am so happy with them all. The colors are so beautiful. I love the way the beads come all wrapped up; I feel like I am opening up a present.

I can't wait to play....


Jacquie said...

Nice haul! lol... I never did get to the site and buy anything and now I'm jealous. Looks like you got some great deals.

Jackie said...

Thank you for your comment Lynn. I see you have dogs too and had a loss. Its even worse when its the 'last dog' so there are no pattering feet. I've just realised I can wear decent clothes round the house drool!
I don't know which is your 'main' blog. I like the hiking one too but my textile instincts draw me here.