Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ready to Stuff

After almost forgetting to get to class last week, I was happy there wasn't a lot of homework. Just a touch more embellishment to the top of the pincushion.

I was amazed at how this little 3 bead border around the center oval made such a difference. The raised rope edge was given a small border of 3 beads along with this cute little 'spray' in the center.

With the beading complete, it was now time to trim the edge and sew on the fabric back. I left my fusible fabric piece in class (it must have been a really off day!), so I used a piece of fusible pellon. This will keep the sawdust from coming through the back after it is stuffed.

Well, that would have been the way to do it, had I not forgotten to trim the pellon before ironing it. So my back piece was too large and I didn't leave any space to fold the edge of the fabric over without it being really bulky. I peeled back the pellon a bit and attempted to trim it so I would have a border, but of course, I cut the fabric.

After fighting the urge to just toss the whole thing in the UFO basket never to be seen again, I searched through my somewhat limited supply of fabric and could find nothing that would match. Then I remembered this light pumpkin colored ultrasuede I had! Yes! So much easier; one cut to fit, stitch and viola! Ready to stuff.

Now I just have to remember to go to class today....................

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Carol said...

I still say its just too darn pretty to be a pin cushion!!