Friday, March 27, 2009

I got mail!

I was the lucky high bidder on a BFAC auction and it came today. These little cubes are so much fun!!! :) :) :)

Don't miss out on your chance to get something too - go bid today!


Plays with Needles said...

I went over to check out these auctions based on your link -- these were my absolute Favorite thing that if I had any extra money I would have wanted -- they are GREAT! Congratulations and for a good cause!

Did they all have a certain color palette to use because it seems like all the pieces are using the same colorway??

Have a beautiful Spring Day, it's raining here...

Denise said...

hey!!! I'm glad you like them! They were so much fun to make and I have to say that they were juggled a few times before they made their way into the mailing box!
Hope you have fun with them!
cheers, Denise

GraceBeading said...

Good for you! They are wonderful and such a different item to have up for auction.