Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hearts to You!

Finishing this bracelet has helped ease my guilt of not making 'product' to sell. Now I have 3 new bracelets to offer, and I can get back to playing a little bit.

I've been knitting along on my socks (second pair !) and enjoying the coziness of these winter days. I have three dinner dates with girlfriends coming up in the next few days and am so looking forward to re-connecting with them and hear what everyone has been up to. I am still riding the wave of patriotism that President Obama has sparked and every time I see him or his family, I just smile. I don't know what it is about them, but they just make me smile.

Little Twigs is smiling too -- I've made some more progress on his beautification! Now that I am further down his neck, he seems to be getting more stable. I'm thinking that after I get the other side of his neck done, I may not even have to reinforce his neck with the wooden dowel. I've decided his feet are going to be covered in sequins. He needs party shoes.


dochoamom said...

WoW Lynn.... You sure are fast... Hearts is beautiful... Twigy is going to be something else isn't he.... Great work...

Love, Deb

Carol said...

Hey Lynn, you are amazing. How in the world do you do such beautiful work so quickly? Oh, did I hear you say practice makes perfect? Yep, I thought so! I am going to look back at my work in a year and see where I will be. Anyway, I love this Valentine bracelet. He heart charm really adds pizazz!

Twigs is so darn cute. I have been looking for a little animal to bead. Most of them I see are furry. Think I'll stop at Goodwill this weekend.

Glad you're going to connect with your friends. Have a good time and good beading to you.

pam T said...

wow, gorgeous cuffs!

Plays with Needles said...

ooh la la! That heart dangle on the cuff is TDF~! and Twigs is looking equally as fabulous -- I'm not surprised that the beads make his neck stand up straighter.

Glad you're enjoying your knitting and your cozy days. xoxo Susan

Tracey N. said...

Lynn you are on a roll! These bracelets are gorgeous! How do you whip them out so quickly? I love the icey colored one too but this heart one is wonderful! I would be wearing that one on Valentines day for sure! Gorgeous work. Twigs will be amazing when hes done (or she) I love the colors you are using. I still need to do a beanie baby in beads. Lord know I have enough of the around here. Both my girls were big collectors, so skies the limit! I remember selling a Garcia Bear on Ebay for $200 years ago! WOW, I was lucky I got out before the big Beanie Crash! Hugs my dear!

GraceBeading said...

Stunning, each one. You are really amazing!

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi lynn
loving the bracelets
and little twig is sweet he's going to look fantastic with sequined legs :)
will he sit or stand
enjoy your day
snow shovel and ice melt hugs from CT.

Betina Sandra Guelman said...

wow, gorgeous cuffs