Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flower Sampler Class II

Here are the rest of the Iroquois flowers. Our instructor told us these are traditional patterns that have been used for generations. They would have been worked in mostly size 10 or larger clear beads.

I found the paper pattern that we glued to the velvet difficult to work with. If I got too close to the edge, the paper tore and the beads 'slid' off onto the velvet. Too far from the edge, and the paper shows. Next time I will use pellon for the pattern.

Next class we add stems, leaves, buds, etc. to our liking. I'm really looking forward to that. It should 'ground' them so they don't look like they do now - just plopped down.

Working without an outline around the petals was different. I'm not very happy with the way that they smooshed into each other. The sides of this flower were pretty tricky to keep the outside line even. Two foundation lines, layed right next to each other give it a nice solid feel, but didn't leave much room for the top lines to go over the top without leaving the edge of the paper pattern.
I'm not quite sure what the point of the round bead in the corner of this flower is. I guess it's artistic interpretation!

I really like this flower. In person it gives such a 3 dimensional appearance.
This silly little thing reminds me of troll hair!


Tracey N. said...

I really like these Lynn! I adore the pink one especially. It really looks 3-D and I like you color choices. I think you are right, once you add the stems and leaves, they will be more grounded instead of just floating on your velvet. I am so envious of all the classes you are able to take near you. We have nothing here. Too bad! Beautiful work, as always! Hugs, Tracey

Plays with Needles said...

This class looks like a real winner to me. My fave is your fave -- looks a little daffodil-ish...loooking forward to the next installment...